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"Impudent Worker" strategy.

For Toxin and Demolition generals.

This is one of rush strategies. As any other rush, it must not bring instant victory. The aim is to slow down enemy and achieve advantage in the beginning.

Once the game has just started, order your existing worker to go to enemy and start building another worker. When second worker is completed, build Barracks. Then let GLA Factory to build Supply truck. In other words, start building you base.
When your first worker arrives to the enemy, Barracks must be completed. Got to enemy supply source and build Defense Site there. Upgrade Defense site to AT cannon or Quad cannon depending on situation. Once upgrade is ready, start killing enemy resource gathers. You can also build second Defense site. Try to hold defenses near enemy supplies as long as possible.

All your Defense sites will be destroyed sooner or later. But in result, enemy economy must be crippled, while yours must be up. Therefore, don't forget about your base when rushing.

If you need to defend vs this strategy then build Barracks as soon as possible, build Rangers or Red Guards and order them to guard area around nearest supply source. If you play as GLA you have nothing to worry about - Supply Trucks are mobile. All you need is to notice Defense Site building in time and evacuate Truck with workers to another supply depot. But you can also build Rebels and guard your supply source.

- Creator

Replay with the use of this strategy:
Creator vs Insane AI (Contra 007).

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