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"Demolisher Rush" strategy.

For Assault general.

I remind you once more, that any rush does not bring instant victory. its aim is to achieve advantage in the beginning.

Once the game has just started, build Barracks. Then build Arms Dealer. When it is completed, build 2-3 Demolishers at GLA Factory and set rally point in the middle of enemy base. Demolishers will exit Factory and move to enemy base automatically.

Remember, that Demolishers have damage bonus vs buildings. They can also destroy infantry and light vehicles, but with difficulty. Demolishers have tank armor. So, machineguns will not bring serious harm, while missiles and shell will destroy them quickly.

What to do on enemy base depend on situation. Primary targets are Airfield, war Factory, Supply Center and Barracks. Enemy progress must be thrown back, while yours must go forward. Therefore, do not forget about your base.

Defense from this rush - build Barracks from the start and a dozen of missile troopers. You will not have enough time to build anything else. Demolishers will come very quickly.

- Creator

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