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Contra 009 Beta 2 Released
Posted December 26, 2016. By predator_bg.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Hi everyone, as promised, we are releasing yet another version of Contra mod. 
A year has passed by since the last beta version, and we made a lot of changes. As usual we have made many new things for you guys to discover and enjoy. Improved old and bad things, fixed bugs, and added new stuff for you to play with. Two brand new Challenge maps are available: Demolition and Flame.
Before actual download link, there are few new visual improvements to show, so let's start.
USA Laser Avenger tank
Old Avenger model got replaced with new one, but it is not just visual update. New Avenger has only one weapon, which is of course anti air, but he got new hybrid armor. Armor which is resistant to RPG missiles more than usual AA unit, and also resistant to Jet Missiles. You could say, it is combination of regular tank, and anti-air tank.
USA Air Force's Black Hawk
In order to balance generals' powers, we did some changes there too. So Air Force general's Shockwave Bomb is removed, and replaced with SEAL drop. SEALs are dropped by 3 stealth Black Hawks, which are very well armored too. This power is available at rank 5.
USA Air Force's Navy SEAL
So as explained above, SEALs are dropped by stealth Black Hawks. All together 9 Seals, very well armored and equipped with M32 grenade launcher effective vs all ground targets. They come as a good support, or ambush attack from behind. In future, SEALs will get the ability to swim, and place explosive charges on structures. They are also stealth while not moving or shooting.
GLA Toxin Pump
GLA Toxin general's demo traps are replaced with toxin pumps now. This nice little thing can spill both toxin and acid (despite of the name) around itself and damage nearby units. It is manually controlled. Acid damages pump and destroys it, but if you purchase Neutralizers upgrade at rank 3, pump won't damage itself anymore. Of course, both toxin and acid can be even more upgraded to bring more damage. Plant those things on map, pollute everything and enjoy watching your enemy dying slowly. Toxin pump is stealth, and can be destroyed by any unit.
Last but definitely not least, is improvement on GLA structures. PredatorBG took some time to improve GLA textures, and with this, all structures look much better.
This is render of GLA assault general's Temple
No more yellow boring walls, now we have nice looking bricks.
And here is a picture of all GLA structures together:
Before you download and start playing, please read these most important gameplay changes, and avoid unpleasant surprises :D

  • all USA Valanx units now come with already upgraded TOW (but nerfed) weapons
  • all USA Valanx units passengers cannot fire from inside anymore
  • all USA Laser generals units, can go through rampage from game start, meaning, they upgrade lasers individually with experience
  • all GLA tunnels no longer have a mounted weapon, and don't give free tunnel defenders, but they are much cheaper and built very fast
  • all GLA command trucks are limited to 1
  • you can reach rank 6 now, which gives you additional 3 science points which you can spend on your general's powers

...for complete changelog article, visit this link:

Complete changelog

And now, finally download link:



Now, we will take some rest from working on new version, and we will be available for online playing with you. So, we are inviting you to join us in Tunngle and play with us, if you see us there, feel free to challenge anyone for a game.

Contra 009 Tunngle room screenshot

We would also like to thank some youtubers, which helped us in promoting Contra, with posting their videos. Either on multiplayer or challenge games. Visit their channels, and watch some good videos:

Persun (our tester and balance advisor)

And a few more final words, about our future plans. So next release will be Contra 009 FINAL. Which will have some finished things from this version, and fixed bugs. This 009 Beta 2 is almost as complete as 009 FINAL would be, but we decided to release it under beta code name, in order to give you guys something for holidays. We plan to release 009 FINAL in 2017, if our RL goes as planned.
We would like to thank you for all support, and for voting on MOTY. Keep in mind, we are just 2 people that are working on all aspects of this mod. We have RL same as you guys have.
See ya next time!

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Contra 009 work in progress - Update 7
Posted August 6, 2016. By predator_bg.

Originally posted on ModDB by d-ce on Aug 6th, 2016


Hello dear friends!

As usual we are bringing you some insight into our progress. It would be a shame if Summer would go without some new fancy update right!? So, without much intro, let's get to it.
USA Super Weapon general got long awaited and expected tank unit, Centurion tank!
Centurion is energy depending, rank 1 tank, which needs to be purchased through general's powers. This means, if you want him, you will need to spend one science point. Centurion consumes 2 energy points, and without energy he is shut down. His special hovering locomotor allows him to drive over water and cliffs. Fires energy shots which cannot be deviated by ecm. Centurion is good to deal vs. any rank 1 tank, but also, with upgrades at rank 3, he can improve his armor, and weapon. But, while improving weapon, he will need even more energy, specifically he will need 3 energy points in total to be online. So, be careful, this is a tricky unit. Standing near Ion Plant will give him additional +50% damage bonus, because he will consume energy directly from Ion Plant.
Depending on your enemy, you will be able to choose whether you go standard with defenses, or you purchase this fancy tank. Mostly recommended vs. generals who do not rely too much on infantry.
Demo general's Ratel
Ratel is a fine piece of technology designed for Demo general, available at rank 3. His main weapon can pierce through any rank 1 unit and deal significant damage to stronger units, for example Emperors. But, his main role is his secondary weapon, suicide pack, which is designed specifically to destroy huge vehicles like Emperors. Ratel's armor allows him to survive 2 Emperor shots, perform suicide attack and destroy Emperor. Additional ability is to transport 6 units (cannot fire from inside), which can survive suicide attack, and deal extra damage. Ratel is not a salvager, but he can be upgraded with many upgrades.
Stealth general's Ratel II
This ratel variant is made specifically for stealth general. Available at rank 3, Ratel II is a sneaky bastard who lures his targets into trap. Ratel II is stealth by default, while standing still and shooting. He reveals himself only when moving. His special ability allows him to fire a jamming beam which makes enemy unit unselectable, while remaining stealth he also fires primary machinegun and deals significant damage to target. Targeted vehicle is helpless, cannot return fire because Ratel II is stealth, and also cannot force fire because cannot be selected. Only scout unit, or another can help you if you find yourself in trap. Since he is smaller, he can transport only 2 units (cannot fire from inside). Also, he is not a salvager.
Another big thing, is change in Laser general's gameplay. 
Laser general's units are no longer upgradeable through different lasers, they get better lasers with each rank. Basically, all laser units start with blue laser, while progressing through veterancy they improve to green, orange and finally red lasers. Advancing with laser units now pays off more than waiting and purchasing upgrades, I like to call this rampage gameplay. The more units your unit kills, the better weapon it gets. We all know each veterancy rank improved slightly weapon for each unit, but for laser units, this is very noticeable, both visually and gameplay-wise.
Some additional stuff is given to laser. New Laser Training power, available at rank 3, makes all laser units start with green laser. For this general, most important upgrade is Training upgrade from strategy center, which makes laser units gain experience twice faster.
Another small addition are generals flags on GLA Factory structures. No longer you will have to click on worker or factory to find out which general it is, you can simply look at flag.
I recommend you to follow Persun's youtube channel. He is our tester and he uploads videos of our games every week, as well as many other walkthrough videos. Our last 2v2 game will show you laser gameplay and Ratel in-game. It was a great game, take a look at it:
Thanks to our new members, Marakar and Teteros, we have more intense and mixed games. Before I end this update, Predator wants to leave a message too.
- Hi people, Predator here. Just want to keep you up to date on what's going on with other aspects of the mod, the ones which I'm responsible for. I have fixed some big AI issues, working on Challenge and Campaign as much as I can, and improving some cameos as well. Some people have requested new multiplayer maps, containing usable Boss technologies, but sadly, I don't have enough time in my hands for them... If you have interesting ideas in mind and would like to make cool maps like these, feel free to send me a PM. Show me what you've made and I may include it in the next release. I have a physical part done for an AOD map by the way (but no scripting). It's been sitting on my PC for years. Also, I would appreciate if anyone experiencing problems with the Contra Launcher (the "Could not launch Contra" error in particular) contacts me. I have made some changes to it, but need someone who had problems with it to test if it works for him now. Thanks guys.
There are some new features that are in progress, which will be shown in the next updates. Until then, stay tuned!

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Contra 009 work in progress - Update 6
Posted June 5, 2016. By predator_bg.
Originally posted on ModDB by ThePredatorBG on Jun 6th, 2016
Welcome back to another Contra update.
We haven't been resting all that much since the previous update. Dce making new gameplay changes and creating new models as well as testing all new changes online with Persun, and me fixing some bugs and working on maps.
A few new models were made for Cybernetic general. We present you the "Angel" walkers:
From left to the right:
- Remiel - anti-infantry walker which will replace Crab robot at rank 3
- Uriel - anti-tank walker which will replace Spider Tank at rank 3
- Hadriel - artillery walker which will replace Dominator at rank 3
Units have kept their former units' weapons and got a secondary weapon, Advanced Scan Systems.
Advanced scan systems are purchased with Advanced Data Transmission upgrade. It gives Angels a scan beam, which lowers targeted units' armor by 20%.
We will continue with model updates.

Here comes a trailer for the much anticipated Flame challenge mission. General Bao has risen from hell. Will you be able to endure the heat, general?

As you can see, heroes got new abilities which come very handy in battle.

Burton - can swim, and attack in water. With our own animations, Burton can now pass any obstacle in any map. Come across water and plant explosives on important enemy structures.

Terminator - due to his mechanical body, he can't swim, but he can now avoid being crushed by tanks, also, he can crush infantry as well as some obstacles. His size is visually increased too.

Lotus - is able to create holographic image of herself. This hologram is controllable by the player, can distract enemy defenses and units. Giving Lotus ability to escape, or provide diversion. Hologram has life time, and great armor.

Jarmen Kell - can create sandstorm, which covers him and nearby units. Enemies cannot see units, it is great for attacking or escaping. Enemy units also fire automatically at the storm, so your units can escape very easily. On snow maps, sandstorm is displayed as a snow mist.

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed the update. Stay tuned!

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Contra 009 work in progress - Update 4
Posted February 14, 2016. By predator_bg.
Originally posted on ModDB by dcesarec on Feb 14th, 2016
Hi people,
I hope you are all enjoying 009 Beta release. We want to thank you for voting for us, and for your support. 
It's also great to see 100 downloads of 009 Beta per day.
As usual, we are working constantly on balance, bug fixing, and adding new stuff. I am here to present you 3 new finished models.
- So, let's start. In order to bring as much as diversity as possible to generals, SW general got a new structure. Well, it's not so new, but its stats are different than other USA generals, and thus model is also changed.
It is Ion Plant structure.

Ion Plant is cheaper than any other power plant in game, it is built much faster (those stats are still subject to change, so I won't write them in numbers). It gives SW general opportunity for rush, expand faster and take more control of the map. But, in order to balance it, you cannot upgrade System defense on it anymore, because player would attack with these structures. Also, it brings less power to you. So, you will need to make very large number of them to support your base. It has less health, and when destroyed, causes a small EMP explosion, shutting down all nearby tanks and structures for a few seconds. You cannot purchase more energy production on it like you could on other USA power plants. It has a nice rotating animation and awesome lighting effect. This is the new thing for SW general.
- Another update is for Cybernetic general. His old stealth patriot defense is replaced with new defenses. First one is Missile Defense System.
Missile Defense System is effective only vs. ground targets, and more specifically vs. tanks and vehicles. Deals small damage to infantry too. Fires 6 rockets instead of 4 like old Patriot and does not relay position of enemies to nearby Patriots anymore. But its firepower is slightly better than Patriot. It provides better defense vs. tanks and especially vs. ECM because it has a stronger secondary damage radius.
- And last structure, also for Cybernetic general, is Gatling Defense System

It is perfect anti infantry and anti air defense. Not much to say about it, you get the picture. 
All those Cybernetic defenses are currently built as a separate object, but with help from TheHunter in coding, they could actually be built as upgrade on one specific structure (node).
Challenge and Campaign are being worked on. More info on those is coming in the next updates.
That's it for now, stay tuned.
Once again, I will share you two YouTube channels which have and will have a lot of Contra videos, so track them and enjoy some nice battle videos:

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Contra 009 Beta Released
Posted December 8, 2015. By predator_bg.

Originally posted on ModDB by dcesarec on Dec 7th, 2015



Dear Contra players,
with small delay, we are bringing you first 009 release. As already known, our team which consists from 3 people (d-ceThePredatorBG, and our tester Persun) was working on 009 beta for about a year. 

But real life took from us even more time which we would dedicate to this project. So many plans and ideas are still not implemented in 009 release. However, many new things are inserted, many things are improved and fixed. You can read a detailed changelog here:


We encourage you to download this version, which is better than 008 Final in many aspects. Play it with friends, and play it with us.




Join us either on Hamachi in this network: generalsgentlemen (Pass: generalsgentlemen); keep in mind, players on this network play all kind of ZH mods. 
Or you can join us in Tunngle, in Contra 009 room. We are looking forward to playing some online games.

Also, please support us by voting for us. No matter of winning something or not, it means a lot for us by knowing that people are still liking this project.



Installation video tutorial (more info can be found in video description on YouTube):


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Contra 009 work in progress - Update 3
Posted September 22, 2015. By predator_bg.

Originally posted on ModDB by dcesarec on Sep 20th, 2015

Hi people!!!
We are still making gameplay changes every day in order to balance the game. Fixing bugs, and inserting new stuff.
This time most changes got Infantry general. Introducing "Patria Family" vehicles, which will replace existing troop crawlers, Feng Yong artillery and ECM tank.
First one is machine gun troop crawler
Available at rank 1, armed with machinegun, which is effective vs. infantry and air units. Replaces gatling troop crawler. Has 4 sitplaces for your soldiers.
Anti tank troop crawler
Armed with light anti tank turret, available at rank 1. Has 3 sitplaces (4th goes for turret operator)
Artillery troop crawler
Replaces old artillery. Available at rank 1. Has 3 sitplaces.
Propaganda troop crawler.
Available at rank 3. Heals forces and gives firepower bonus. As the previous propaganda TC, has 8 sitplaces.
ECM troop crawler
Replaces old ECM tank. Deviates missiles, turns off vehicles. Has 4 sitplaces and available at rank 3. Great addition to your forces.
Grenade troop crawler
Best troop crawler version. Available at rank 3. Armed with grenade launcher, effective vs. all ground targets. Has 4 sitplaces.
All troop crawlers can be upgraded at rank 3 with special "Advanced Engineering" upgrade. This upgrade gives all troop crawlers additional health, and allows them to move over water. But due to all the weight, they lose their speed. So you will have to decide if you want the upgrade or not, depending on situation.
Some other small visual changes are with flame general. Immolator tank got new "Dragon Tail" turret. This turret shoots Lava shells, which are effective vs. everything. But mostly used vs. tanks.
And last one goes to Cybernetic general. Commando unit got a new model.
Predator is working with AI lately, and also he is improving and adding new stuff to challenge maps. Many animals were inserted in maps, and maps are looking better with each change.
At the end, I need to say thanks to TheHunter649 , he is giving me some advices with new things I encounter (about coding), and sharing codes with me.
So, 'till the next update ;)

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Contra 009 work in progress - Update 2
Posted July 31, 2015. By predator_bg.

Originally posted on ModDB by dcesarec on Jul 31st, 2015


We are back...


Again, hi folks..!! This is a second update of the new Contra 009 version. As always, we are working on all segments, as much as we can. We are still lacking staff, so I'm hereby inviting anyone interested, but with some skills, at least basic ones, to join us.


I will show you some pics of changed things. As usual, let's start with USA.


- This is Mosquito drone for Cybernetic general. Mosquito drone is used as special power, and it replaces A10 Thunderbolt Strike. Mosquito drone appears as reinforcement unit, and kills enemy infantry units only. It appears in 3 levels, each level has a different number of drones (3, 5, 7). Mosquito is very useful if you fight vs. infantry general. Or you simply need some backup vs. suiciders, Black Lotus etc.



- Next one is Shark drone. As said before, USA Strategy Centers have unique weapons when you use Bombardment Battle Plan. SW has Ion Tower, Laser has Railgun weapon, and Cybernetic has Shark drone. This drone is very useful vs. ground units. But it can be taken down with any AA weapon.





- China also had some makeovers. As you probably saw, Zhu Rong got a new model (screenshot).



- China Tank general got new structure. It's Overlord Headquarters. This structure is very important to Tank general. It is available at rank 3. Limited to 1 at a time, costs much, consumes power and it is revealed on the map to enemy players. But, it gives 15% discount to all Overlord based units, repairs all Overlord based units all over the map (as long as it exists). It also grants upgrades for Tank general, such as Uranium Shells, and Nuclear Tank upgrade. Structure can be captured and used by other China generals.



- Some GLA improvements. This is new Scorpion model. All 3 salvage variants.



- And new Bomb Truck with his Bio Bomb and High-Explosive Bomb variations.



Don't think this is all what we have done, as I said before, there are plenty more of changes in game balance, upgrades, and even particles. We test the new version every day and try to bring as much polished version as possible. So, I won't list all changes, because they are subject to change while testing. Also, you saw new animals and stuff, which will also appear on official maps (here).


- I would like to point you to a Contra 008 FINAL tournament, register here: Contra 008 FINAL tournament


Good players from this tournament will be able to join us in our every day new version testing, playing with us, suggesting new things and much more.

As for the end, I think I can say that the next update will be public 009 Beta release. So enjoy what we have done so far, apply for the tournament, test your skills, meet new people and wait for the new release ;)

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Contra 009 work in progress - Update 1
Posted June 6, 2015. By predator_bg.

Originally posted on ModDB by dcesarec on Jun 6th, 2015


Hi people,

it's been a long time since our last update, which was release of 008 FINAL version.

I hope you guys enjoy playing this great mod as much as we do. We have been playing many online games, we watched many walkthrough videos on YouTube and we are happy that people are so much interested in Contra. Because of all that, and because of all ideas we still have, we continued our work.

So, let's put it in some order. Let's start with USA.

- Many people were sad that we could not fix bugs which appeared with Web Defense System, we were sad because of that too. But, we found a way to use this great weapon, slightly changed. So, we present you Super Weapon general's Ion Tower defense.


Ion Tower defense will replace Fire Base artillery, so it is available at rank 1. It consumes power, can be garrisoned by 4 infantry units. It is a precise artillery structure, effective vs all ground units.


- Next is Grendel defense system for SW general. Yes, you have probably seen this structure somewhere, it was used in Remix mod, and for USA Boss general, but now it's a part of SW general too. SW general's patriots are now changed, they are more effective but also cost more, they don't match up vs ECM tanks. This is where Grendel comes in, it's a very good anti-tank defense system. Does not depend on other defenses and brings good damage vs tanks.



- Let's continue with USA SW. Strategy Centers give you weapons if you choose bombardment strategy, right!? Before it was a boring artillery cannon for all USA generals. Not anymore, now they are unique and effective in their own ways. USA SW general has Ion Tower.



- Laser General has prototype of Rail Gun weapon, very devastating cannon.



- Laser general also has one good improvement. Colonel Burton now has a light saber instead of his knife attack. This attack is very effective vs tanks. He can kill rank 3 tanks with one blow. Col. Burton is also hidden while performing this attack, so if you see your tanks dying you better bring some scouts with you.



- That's it for USA... China didn't get any new visual candies (for now). But GLA did. This new tank, Marauder T-63, replaces the old Marauder model. New model is the finest of GLA units so far, and this honor is given to Assault general. Not only he is visual changed, he is also changed in his stats. He is more effective vs. tanks and structures now.



- New Challenge maps are also in progress. You can see, we are working on all aspects of the game. Below is shown challenge versus USA Boss.





- There are many more changes in balance and bug fixing. We read your comments, test everything and make changes. List of changes is big, and I won't post it right now because it could be changed in the future. Most important change that I can share with you is faster exp gaining. Yes, you heard good. Now you can get rank 5 a lot faster and game is more interesting.


- Last but not least, I would like to point you a few links to people that record and show Contra videos from time to time.

- First one is Generals Gentlemen, track his channel because he is putting streaming videos online from Contra games too:

- Another person posting Contra videos and walkthroughs is Irwe3 , although I can't make a contact with him for further videos.

- And for German fans, there is BurakkiD

That's it for now. Stay tuned!!! :D

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Contra 008 FINAL released!
Posted December 26, 2014. By predator_bg.

Originally posted on ModDB by dcesarec on Dec 25th, 2014


Dear friends and fans... It has been a long ride since Contra 007 came out. Many years passed, many things happened, good and bad...

You all know that we changed team as we never expected we would. Many people are gone, busy with real life, our friends... Other bad things happened too, our precious was almost ripped off. We survived everything, gathered strength and continued our work. And yes, finally finished Contra 008 FINAL version.

We thank you all for your patience, sometimes it seemed we are not working. But we really had, learning new things, trying to find time for Contra and keep it alive.

Once again, I need to say thanks to these people who answered all my questions and helped us a lot. Track their mods and support them:


Before we get to the real thing, we will give you small gift, for your patience. New remodelled units.

Demolition angry mob:

And, new model for Assault general, Underground Command Post:


I need to remind you that Predator_BG (my dear friend and equal partner in this project), has made launcher for all of you who want English voices, and don't like our new voices. You will also have the option to choose new music or original, running game with or without shellmap.


For pure and total enjoyment of 008 FINAL, I recommend you to play with New unit voices, and New music. Speaking of music, we are saying thanks to:

ToneSlave who was a part of our team, but due to RL couldn't participate more. He made menu music, lobby music, and credit music. Also,

Charlie Lockwood who made awesome music for Enhanced mod, and gave us permission to use it. You will see how awesome music it is when you start playing.

One more thing, please understand that GLA does not refer to any country, no matter of language. PLEASE UNDESRSTAND THIS AND TRY TO ENJOY CONTRA!!!

And now, just a small guidance to all generals, some tips:


As known, most annoying general. Make plenty of defenses, hide, build superweapons and take your enemy piece by piece. Valanx and Thor are great supporting units for defending base, or to eliminate important enemy units and structures. Saturn is the slowest super unit in game, but most effective. Great armor, building options, and weapon that takes every target.


General who relies on air force. We reduced the need for micro, F18 units now don't waste missiles, they retarget on another enemy unit. If you have some skills, you will own the map. Comanche is now main unit, he can take both air and ground units, be invisible and search for hidden units. If you reach rank 5, with auroras and Wyvern, you can take everything down in a few seconds.


Slow, but powerful tanks. If you are not very skilled with micro, and just like pure force, then this is the general for you. His tanks can match any other tanks on the battlefield. Laser Thor is very powerful. Omega tank, as super unit, is artillery which is good against structures and tanks. Make sure to protect power structures.


It's all about heroes. His strategy is hit and run with small, weak but fast units at start. But at the end, you have many heroic units. He is the only general in game who uses multiple limited units like: Terminator, Cyborg Commando, Seraph, Nemesis and Cylons. Combine them all together and assimilate your enemy.


Most people will complain about lack of defenses, but why would you need defenses if you play as the most aggressive general in game!? Push forward with deadly units, or sneak from behind and simply erase half of the map with Hadron Collider. The most powerful super weapon in game is available at rank 3. But beware, "if you build it, they will come"!


Strongest infantry units in the game. Used for various atacks. You can either use them in Troop Crawlers or spread them on the battlefield in swarms. This general gets 3 types of artillery units with each major rank. His ambush powers can ensure you victory. Spawn Bunker, Barracks and drop airborne units in the enemy base, clone them... and destroy everything.


Everyone saying his super unit is from hell. Well, maybe he is considering its the strongest unit in game and can take any unit face to face. But to come to that, you will have to use well balanced tanks. Great general if you lack micro skills, and if you just started playing Contra.


Do you like playing with fire? Then this is the general for you. Burn everything up. He has special strategy with fuel trucks which are available at rank 1 from Command Center and they are stealth. Fuel truck can spill fuel which can be ignited by almost any flame unit. If you sneak up with them in the enemy base, or on group of enemy units, your enemy will be shocked with his units burning.


You gotta love this general. Pollute both ground and air, and watch all enemy units coming at you almost dead from all this acid, toxin and silicon clouds. Fully upgraded Qaraqurt as super unit is a bringer of death. If you face this general, prepare some medics...


When playing as Assault general, you don't have to use any particular strategy. You have good tanks, and great artillery units. But at rank 3, you have Tunnel ambush power. If your enemy forgets about that, you can send all your units in his base, and make him regret his lack of knowledge and attention. This general has the best parts of each GLA general. Obstacles are cheap but hard to destroy, they can stop all units from passing the terrain.


You can make everything stealth, any unit and structure. At rank 5 you can even blackout the map of your enemies. Question remains, how will your enemy fight something which he can't see??? Sneaky and deadly general. No one loves to play against him. Do you?


This general will be noticed for sure. Explosions everywhere, traps for any purposes and special demolition attacks. Strongest Elbrus Storm and mobile nuclear super units which literally erase half of the enemy base. Once you start spamming with this general, your enemy will regret playing against you.


And at the end, some installation instructions. Thanks to Contra launcher you can now have other mods in your Zero Hour folder. Extract all files from archive and folder "Contra008FINAL" to Zero Hour folder, start Contra Launcher and enjoy.

This version is mostly focused on online gaming. So please, join us on Tunngle. Challenge is finished, so you can enjoy brutal enemy too. Skirmish is working, but it's not polished to the end. Mostly known problem is that if you use Panic Attack as stealth general, it can cause crash, but it happens 1/5 times.


For even better experience, download GenTool.

Visit C&C:Online. It is a GameSpy emulating server for modern Command & Conquer games, adapted to work for all the Command & Conquer games affected by the GameSpy closure (Generals, Zero Hour, C&C 3, Kane's Wrath, Red Alert 3). You can still play your favourite C&C online like before, without the need of third-party software.

Release changelog

Until the next adventure (Aliens!??), we wish you Happy Holidays. Join us online and support Contra everywhere :)

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Contra 008 Beta 2 released!
Posted September 1, 2014. By predator_bg.

Originally posted on ModDB by ThePredatorBG on Jan 1st, 2014


Happy New Year to all of you!!! We are happy to inform you that Contra 008 Beta II release is ready!



Greetings fans! After turbulent last few months, we have made this release for all of you. As posted before, we guess you all know what is happening with our team, and with Contra mod.

Still, we have raisen from dust and put a lot of effort to make this true... and probably even better.

As it is stated in credits (if you watch them in-game), you will see a special section with credits for people who made this version happen.

We'll say once again:

- Anubis_theDark
- Zeke_Dlyoung
- VectorIV
- Javellin Cos
- Anto111ka
- Kris (moddingrocks)

And of course our former members which contributed a lot for 008:

- Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov (mod author)
- Gundamwen
- Lil Tasman
- Casojin
- S_P_R
- EvGamer
- Annihillator

And now, current team which holds this project not to fade away, and who decided to take everything in their own hands:

- dcesarec
- Predator_BG (a.k.a. ThePredatorBG on Mod DB)

We both made almost everything new, that you will see and enjoy. We both had to learn many new things, spent many days and nights to make this come true. It has been almost a year since the first Beta. That's because we (dcesarec and predator) decided to continue over the official release about 1-2 months ago.

Now, download, play, have fun. This version is made for enjoying multiplayer, playing challenge and skirmish
Also, post feedback, so we can quickly fix things which we missed. And so we can make a decent story and release FULL version sooner.

We still take offers for help and get in team... because Contra will live!

Some art and sounds were taken from:
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade
Total Annihilation
Men of War: Condemned Heroes

We suggest using GenTool v6.2 for better experience.
Note: We are not the makers of this software.



These are all changes, ranging from 008 Beta to 008 Beta 2.
Russian translation:

Bugs fixed:

- Tech buildings block projectiles. Fixed.
- Saturn and Nemesis did not have hero signs on mini-map. Fixed.
- Yan Wang could not attack helicopters. Fixed.
- Music was not playing. Fixed.
- Flame general Artillery Training cameo had wrong coordinates. Fixed.
- China Bunkers had missing cameos. Fixed.
- Tank Hunters fire missiles from their feet. Fixed.
- USA Missile Defender had a visual glitch with feet. Fixed.
- Some maps were not available in multiplayer. Fixed.
- Some GLA units use English voices. Fixed.
- Some GLA voices were missing. Fixed.
- Some GLA voices were delayed after unit action. Fixed.
- Medic Droid was affected by Exoskeletons, but upgrade icon was missing. Fixed.
- Nuclear Battlemaster was affected by Nuclear Tanks, but upgrade icon was missing. Fixed.
- Cyborg uses Ranger voice for building capturing. Fixed.
- Terminator uses Burton voice when planting charges. Fixed.
- Raven uses Comanche voices when destroyed. Fixed.
- Internet Centers use Command Center preview sound. Fixed.
- Omega Cannon could be attacked by light weapons. Fixed.
- GLA Worker had selection glitch. Fixed.


- Power production at game start removed.
All USA:
- Command Centers have more health and are limited to one at a time.
SW general:
- Dozer moves 20% faster.
- Security Systems upgrade added.
- Hybrid Engine upgrade moved to Command Center.
- Tomahawk Storm has +20% more firepower.
- Web Defense System removed.
- Heavy Construction Dozer requires Strategy Center and rank 3.
- Saturn is now a unit built at War Factory in order to eliminate all bugs.
- Blackout Missile System is built by Dozer only (was Saturn only).
- Garrisoned infantry in Fire Base and SSM Site auto-heal. The point of auto-heal was to give infantry inside those defenses a chance to survive since they get killed by everything in Contra. Don't try to kill infantry with anti-personnel weapons. Focus your fire on the building.
- Cyclone range increased.
AF general:
- Dozer moves 20% faster.
- Security Systems upgrade added.
- Hybrid Engine upgrade moved to Command Center.
- Hydra (EMP Artillery) removed.
- Colossus was changed. Sparrowhawk flies around Colossus and fires missiles at enemies around it. There is a designation effect on the targeted unit.
- F16XL firepower increased slightly.
Laser general
- Dozer moves 20% faster.
- Security Systems upgrade added.
- Hybrid Engine upgrade moved to Command Center.
Cyber general:
- Cyborgs move as fast as other infantry from the start. After Exoskeletons upgrade, they move +50% faster.
- Cyborgs are resistant to toxins and radiation. They take damage very slowly.
- Drone Controllers' drones have 50% less life time.
- Nemesis has less speed, more health and more firepower
- Pegasus is armed with one bomb. Firepower and particle effect from Contra 007 have been returned.
- Cepheus shoots one shell with double firepower and double reload time.
- Cyborg Drop, Missile Cyborg Drop and Medic Drop have been removed.
- Cylon firepower increased, armor decreased.
All China:
- Command Centers have more health and are limited to one at a time.
- Airfield is available at rank 3.
Nuclear general:
- Radioactive Shells and Chain Guns upgrades moved from Internet Center to War Factory.
- Nuclear Battlemaster health was decreased by 10% and the chance to fire a nuclear shell has been returned (all the same as in 007).
Infantry general:
- Minigun upgrade moved from Internet Center to Barracks.
- Chain Guns upgrade moved from Internet Center to War Factory.
- Sniper is now stealth while moving.
- Troop Crawlers move 10% faster.
- Mongoose removed.
- Dragon Tank range is now the same as other Dragon Tanks (was less). It also fires continuously now.
- J-10 costs $1100 (was $1750), but also has 30% less health
Flame general:
- Fire Wall and Thermite Shells upgrades moved from Internet Center to War Factory.
- J-10 removed.
- MiGs have 2 missiles instead of 4. Missiles don't spread anymore.
- Artillery Barrage has a slight flame effect, not for destruction, but for possible fuel ignition.
Tank general:
- Fire Wall, Black Napalm and Improved Autocannon Shells upgrades moved from Internet Center to War Factory.
- J-10 costs $1500 (was $1750), but also has 30% less health. A strike of 4 J-10s creates a firestorm (was 6).
All GLA:
- All Bomb Trucks are stealth while standing still and moving.
- All Angry Mobs are as usual. Cost returned, build time reduced, built at Barracks.
Demolition general:
- Efreet is stealth while standing still and moving.
- Airfield holds 3 planes instead of 4.
- Cockroach jump/boost into suicide action was removed.
Stealth general:
- Hazael damage increased by 30%.
Toxin general:
- Bomb Truck removed.
- Default Toxin Rebel's firepower was lowered to match other generals' infantry. Also, he doesn't clear buildings anymore.
- Toxin Rebel gains the ability to clear buildings with Anthrax Gamma (Difosgen) upgrade.
- Toxin Pump upgrade was moved from Black Market to Barracks.
Assault general:
- Katyusha was moved at rank 3.
- Dana was moved at rank 1.
- Sneak Attack general's power was moved at rank 3.


- USA Thor 3D model inserted.
- USA Laser Turret 3D model was changed.
- USA Annihilator 3D model was changed.
- USA Cyborg 3D model was changed.
- USA Super Weapon Burton (Splinter Cell) 3D model inserted.
- USA Air Force Burton (Duke Nukem) 3D model inserted.
- USA Seraphim 3D model inserted.
- USA Nemesis 3D model size increased.
- USA Phobos 3D model inserted.
- USA Cepheus 3D model inserted.
- USA Lancer 3D model inserted.
- USA Female Ranger 3D model inserted (for SW general).
- USA Comanche texture was improved.
- USA Robo Raptor texture was improved.
- USA Drop Pod texture was improved.

- China infantry textures improved.
- China Sniper 3D model was changed.
- China Flamethrower Turret 3D model was changed.
- China Flame Battlemaster 3D model was changed.
- China Nuclear Battlemaster 3D model was changed.
- China Bunker's garrisoned version is easily recognizable now.

- GLA Rebels 3D models inserted.
- GLA Airfield 3D model inserted.

- New trees inserted.
- Bushes enabled.
- Ice objects added.
- Coconut objects added.

- Rocks objects' textures improved.
- Some textures in vanilla Generals have higher resolution than these in Zero Hour. Some of them were added in Contra (DrainPipe, DrainPipeFlowing, CargoLoadingCranes, damaged Chinese Command Center, damaged Chinese War Factory and some others).
- Snow version of supplies fully inserted now.
- Some Contra terrain textures were replaced with better ones.
- Some vanilla Generals and Contra terrain textures improved.

- Many cameos have been improved.
- Inserted Fixed Cameo Pack by n5p29 (thanks for making this public)

Challenge mode:

- Challenge mode enabled.
- Assault and Cybernetic challenge maps added.
- Infantry challenge map removed.
- All Challenge maps were updated. Bug fixes, balance changes, visual enhancements.


- All maps have a new depth of field (fog) effect.
- All maps have new realistic water effects.
- Some unblended tiles (terrain textures) were blended.
- Long Range Radar tech building and new Civilian Bunker were added on some maps.
Notable changes on most played maps:
- Defcon and Tournament Island were completely overhauled visually. New terrain textures used.
- Tournament Island has wider entrances now.
- You couldn't capture USA and China dozers on Europe Raptor map. Fixed.
Hostile Dawn:
- The Artillery Platforms in the middle were removed.
- The Oil Refinery in the middle was replaced with a Long Range Radar.
- There are two Reinforcement Pads now (was one Reinforcement Pad and one Repair Bay).

Other changes:

- Added new select/preview sounds for Cepheus, Azarakhsh, Communications Center, GLA Airfield, Cyborg Factory, Chemical Bunker.
- Added new voices for Saturn, Heavy Construction Dozer and Female Ranger.
- Inserted new sounds for Jihad Warrior's shotgun, Huang Zhong and Aladdin's guns.
- Many text changes. Misspellings, wrong information and conflicting hotkeys fixed.
- Shellmap from Contra 007 was returned with some changes.
- Main menu interface was updated.
- New music plays on shellmap and menus.
- GLA announcer speaks English again.

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