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Desert Combat - Contra Tournament
Posted February 23, 2021. By predator_bg.



Greetings Generals

Following the growth of the Contra Mod community & the wonderfully balanced fun gameplay it offers, the very first tournament has opened for signups.



Date, Time and Location

Desert Combat will be on Sunday, 28th Feb beginning at 16:00 GMT. We will meet in the Contra Tournaments network on Radmin immediately after you check-in.



One map will be played per round.


  • Tournament Desert / Map for Round 1
  • Lagoon Day / Map for Round 2
  • Barren Badlands / Map for Round 3
  • Gorge Drought / Map for Finale




Desert Combat will be a SINGLE ELIMINATION. All rounds will be BO3 up to the Semi-Finals which are a Bo5. There is no 3rd place match.

Minimum participants: 8
Maximum participants: 16


All you need to do to register for this tournament is to post your in-game name & Discord name in the registration topic (also linked below). Only register if you're going to be able to show up on the day of. Registration officially closes on Saturday, 27th Feb at 20:00 GMT.


The check-in period will be between 15:00 and 16:00 GMT, at which point the brackets will be drafted and made official. There will be an official check-in thread that will open at 15:00. To check-in: simply post in the check-in thread and include your in-game name if it's different than your forum name. If you check in and you don't participate, you may be banned from any tournaments for 30 days. If you can't play, don't check-in. Only players that are registered will be allowed to check-in. Only checked in players will be in the bracket. If you have a situation that would cause you to not be able to check-in, but you can still participate then message Leikeze.

You will have 15 minutes to begin your games after the brackets are posted. Brackets will likely be posted by 16:05, but this depends on how late players check-in. You must start your games by 16:15 or you will be disqualified.

If you're early then you're on time. If you're on time then you're late. And if you're late you're disqualified!

There is simply no fun in sitting around waiting on people, so the 15 minutes is the maximum grace period allowed in between all rounds. Failure to appear at any stage of the event will result in a forfeit. Extreme circumstances can be discussed with event staff.

If you need to take a break in between games, inform your opponent and the Referee. At most, five minute breaks will be allowed and only if needed. Maximum one break per round. If a player is found to be abusing this freedom or failing to inform the necessary parties or not returning on time, you will be disqualified at Referee discretion.


All matches will be streamed. So do not start playing until you and your opponent have arranged with a streamer.

In case the streamer causes bad lag, you may choose to play without one, however, you must then send the replay after each match to a streamer so that they can stream the matches.



Register / Discuss

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Atlas Base Defense
Posted April 16, 2017. By predator_bg.
Happy Easter everyone!
This time we didn't make a news article, since there are not many visually finished changes, but we do have one new unit ready.
"Atlas" base defense replaces the old SSM artillery defense for Super Weapon general at rank 3.
Cost and build time are the same, it can hold up 4 infantry like before. But it lost ability to clear toxins and acids.
Also, it doesn't fire rockets anymore, instead it fires Power Bullets which can be upgraded both with Emmiter upgrade and EMP explosions.
Bullets are currently not deviated by ECM field.
Stay tuned for the upcoming Update with more news and fancy stuff!

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Contra 009 Beta Released
Posted December 8, 2015. By predator_bg.

Originally posted on ModDB by dcesarec on Dec 7th, 2015



Dear Contra players,
with small delay, we are bringing you first 009 release. As already known, our team which consists from 3 people (d-ceThePredatorBG, and our tester Persun) was working on 009 beta for about a year. 

But real life took from us even more time which we would dedicate to this project. So many plans and ideas are still not implemented in 009 release. However, many new things are inserted, many things are improved and fixed. You can read a detailed changelog here:


We encourage you to download this version, which is better than 008 Final in many aspects. Play it with friends, and play it with us.




Join us either on Hamachi in this network: generalsgentlemen (Pass: generalsgentlemen); keep in mind, players on this network play all kind of ZH mods. 
Or you can join us in Tunngle, in Contra 009 room. We are looking forward to playing some online games.

Also, please support us by voting for us. No matter of winning something or not, it means a lot for us by knowing that people are still liking this project.



Installation video tutorial (more info can be found in video description on YouTube):


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Contra AI Fixes
Posted May 22, 2010. By Creator.
Since many players reported about crashes, I decided to release fixed AI for Contra 007. Unpack it an put into /Generals Zero Hour/Data/Scripts/ folder. The mod will not crash any more.

I also decided to release new tool I made. It is Scripts Analyzer. It will be very handy for mod makers and map makers because it can find errors in skitmish AI and map scripts. This tool is the part of IniChecker. New version - IniChecker 3.1 consists of 3 modules now: Ini Scanner, Hotkey Fixer and Scripts Analyzer.

Download: http://contra.cncgui...IniChecker3.rar
Manual: http://contra.cncgui...Eng/checker.php

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Contra 006 Released
Posted August 1, 2008. By Creator.
Contra 006 packed into RAR self-extracting archive (109Mb):

Contra Music packs:

Complex Numbers (53Mb)

Red Alert music (66Mb)

Red Alert 2 music (76Mb)

Tiberian Dawn music (48Mb)

The part of readme file you need to read:

2.1. Installation for PC users

Unpack the archive to any folder on your computer. Run "ContraLauncher" file.
Select language and music you wish and click "Launch" button. Launcher will
automaticly locate the game, copy all necessary files and launch Zero Hour.
When you exit the game launcher automaticly deletes all Contra files from
Zero Hour folder.

Launcher has the option - "Leave the mod attached to Zero hour on exit".
It tells it don't to delete Contra files from Zero Hour folder. If
files are not deleted then the mod stays attached to the game and you can
start it without launcher - just start the game. Contra will start automaticly.

If you want to deattach Contra from Zero Hour then start the Contra launcher
and click "Exit" button.

WARNING: It is strongly recommended do not to move, copy, delete or change
content of Contra and Zero Hour files manualy. It will definitely cause
serious troubles such as crashes, network mismatch errors and other problems.

2.2. Installation for Mac users

Since Launcher is not compatible with MacOs, you have to copy Contra files
manualy. To do so copy folowing files and folders from Contra mod into your
Generals Zero Hour folder:

Data (whole folder)

Some of these files are already exist in your Generals Zero Hour. It is
recomended to backup original files before overwriting them.

2.3. Installing music packs.

Contra music packs are packages which contain alternative music for Contra.
Music packs will not work in conjunction with with any other mod as well as
with original game. They work with Contra only. Also you can not have more
than one music pack attached to the game at a time.

Once you download a music pack, place it into Contra folder and run Contra
Launcher. It will automaticly detect available music and suggest you to choose
one of the packs.

If you are a Mac user then you can not run Contra Launcher. In such a case you
will have to copy music pack manualy to Generals Zero Hour folder. Remember
that it must not be several music packs installed at a time. So, make sure that
none of other music packs is installed. Remember that the file !Contra006Music.big
is music pack too.

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