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Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

1)   Why is there no structure selling in Contra?
Removal of selling follows from the mod's natural emphasis on PvP competitive scene. It offers a different approach of the vanilla game's gameplay - a more strategic and less fast-paced one. There are several reasons why selling was removed in Contra.
-  Selling your structures prevents your enemy from gaining experience by destroying them. Experience is a crucial resource in Contra.
-  Command Center selling was a common strategy in Zero Hour, but it does not suit Contra's gameplay. Structures in Zero Hour are built and sold fast resulting in a faster early game. Buildings in Contra have been given more strategic importance: they have more health and are built slower. Getting rid of them in just a few seconds considering how long it takes for them to be constructed is weird. Sadly, selling duration cannot be modified.
-  Losing structures is more punishing. Players need to think carefully when building in dangerous spots. Risky builds cannot be undone. Example: Hadron Collider. If the enemy sees and succeeds destroying it, you are punished for not defending it and lose all the money you spent. The enemy is awarded with experience.
-  No selling means that players have the chance to use any captured structure.
There are two exceptions. Air Force general can sell his planes and Super Weapons general can sell her defenses.

2)   Why does Nuke general have no defenses?
Nuke general in Contra specializes in pure aggression. All his tanks are upgraded with nuclear engines by default, making him the most mobile Chinese general. He is a master at leading attacks. Fast, strong, coordinated attacks force his opponent to play the match his way. He has the ability to quickly switch flanks and attack the least defended areas as well as choose good engagements. As every general, he has to have a weak point. His powers and weaknesses are strongly emphasized. His speed and firepower comes at the lack of defense structures. He has to utilize his units to defend his base. They are fast and strong enough to move back and serve as a defense.

3)   How can I get access to general's powers as the GLA?
You need to build the Command Truck from Factory (your starting building).