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Contra 008 Final

Contra 008 Final 1v1 Tournament Choose a match and click on the "Download" button.

Contra 007

1) Creator vs Insane AI. Demonstration of GLA "Impudent Worker" strategy.

2) Creator vs Insane AI. Demonstration of nuclear general "Red Guard Rush" strategy.

3) General vs GIO. Infantry general brutally rushes Nuclear one within a couple of minutes.

4) GolDen+Shura vs Pioneer+Cool. Interesting well coordinated 2x2 team play.

5) Player KSE vs Kuzma. Demonstration of how to control Cyber general's forces.

6) Casojin vs General. Demonstration of Super Weapon general "Siege" strategy. This strategy has a number of variants. This replay shows early siege (Patriot rush).

7) Dcesarec vs Insane AI. Very original Barracks rush for toxin general.

8) General vs Bequaa. Demonstration of "Dragon Rush" strategy.

9) GIO vs GolDen. Demonstration of "Mirror" counterstrategy. GolDen gets rushed and looses his base, but wins the game anyway.

10) ChiefRocka vs General. Demolition vs Assault. Short game.

11) Max-PC vs General. Classic GLA rush. Everybody must know how to do it.

12) player KSE, Elixir, Seaq. Toxin, Nuclear and Tank generals. Long game with super weapons and super units. Player KSE survives 2 Nuclear Storm strikes and defeats 2 enemies in a row.

13) player KSE, Elixir, Kuzma. Demolition and 2 Tank generals. Long game with super weapons and super units. Player KSE defeats 2 enemies.

14) Kuzma vs Angel. This replay shows how to play for Nuke general correctly.

15) player KSE + Kuzma vs GIO + Pioneer. Very long team game with many tactics features.

16) Casojin vs Dcesarec. Yet another example of Super Weapon General rush.

17) St.Anger vs Artem. Classic GLA rush carried out by stealth general.

18) Ilya vs 3 enemies. Ilya plays vs 3 beginners and wins.

19) Player KSE vs Kuzma. Very short and funny replay. Both players rush each other at the same time.

20) Dcesarec vs Thats-me. Base exchange. Both players destroy each other bases, switch places, build up and fight again.

21) Super interesting. Interesting and intensive 2x2 game.

22) Super weapon general rush. Super weapon general rushes nuclear one. Short and intersting game with fighting on entire map.

23) Air with no air. Air Force general wins without using aircrafts.

24) Henker against everybody. Henker plays in team with 2 team mates against 3 enemies. His team mates get defeated very quickly and exit the game. Henker stays and crushes 3 enemies alone.

25) Rush versus rush 2. Flame and tank generals rush each other. Short and intersting game with fighting on entire map.

26) Black Lotus trick. Two tank generals fight each other. Their skills are equal and nobody can win. But Black Lotus turns the tide of battle.

27) Nuclear Storm trick. Three players. Everyone for himself. Skills are equal and nobody can win. But victory comes to one of them almost instantly.