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Contra 009 Beta 2 Replays

1) 2v2. 2v2 comeback.

2) 2v2. Another 2v2 comeback.

3) Teteros vs PeRSuN. Nuke mirror. Video.

4) PeRSuN + Tet + Askar vs Pred + Dce + WWB2. A good game. Video.

5) 1v1. 1v1.

6) 1v1v1. A fun FFA game.

7) 2v2. Hero Avenger.

8) 1v1. Ridiculously close game. Milliseconds decide victory.

9) Askar vs XAOC-RU-. Stealth vs. Nuke.

10) 2v2. Flame and Laser vs Assault and Infantry.

11) Nizar, The Boss, Adam. Flame, Assault and Air Force. FFA game.

12) 1v1. How to use the Hadron Collider as Nuke.

13) 1v1. Closest mirror you'd ever see.

14) 1v1v1v1. FFA.

15) Nizar + Boss vs Erfan + Whose. 2v2, 50k starting money on Twilight Flame.

16) Nizar + Boss vs Erfan + Whose. 2v2, infantry general sneak tactic.

17) 2v3. 2v3.

18) 1v1. 1v1 on Death Valley. Very long game.

19) 1v1v1v1v1. 5-player FFA on Airport in Trouble map.

20) Nizar vs Armanis. Air Force vs. Nuke. Close game on Lagoon.

21) be continued...