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"Dragon Rush" strategy.

For Flame and Tank generals.

As any other rush, this one will hardly bring you instant victory. The aim of each rush is slow down the enemy and bring advantage to your side.

And so, you have started the game. Order existing Dozer to build a power plant near its current location (don't move it anywhere to economy time). Then build 1 Dozer in Command Center. When new builder is finished, order it to move towards the nearest supply source. When power plant is finished, build Supply Center. That Dozer, which was building our power plant, is free now. Order it to move towards enemy. When Supply Center is finished, stop your Dozer and build War Factory. War Factory exit must be directed to enemy base. When War Factory is ready, build 2 Dragon tanks and direct them to the enemy.

You have come to your enemy. You can see a defense structure there. It is better to avoid it. Remember, that your aim is to cripple economy. If his War Factory is not ready yet - destroy it. If ready then he will have a tank very soon. It will lay the end to your Dragons. Therefore, do not wait, destroy his Supply Center. "Firewall" ability brings more damage to buildings.

Now you must act depending on situation. Everything depend on whom you play against. But in any case, Dragons will not life for long. It means that you must bring as much harm as possible. Destroy Barracks (they have less armor), War Factory and Airfield (if possible). You can also leave enemy base in order to find and destroy second enemy Supply Center and Oil Derricks. You can level Derricks even before enemy captures them.

When Dragons are killed, enemy economics must be crippled, while yours must be up. Therefore, don't forget about your base while rushing.

Variants of defense from such rush:

1) A couple of tanks must be ready beforehand and meet Dragons with cannon fire.
as fast as possible. Preferably, near supply source and command center.
2) Build Comanche.
3) If you play as Infantry general use Jammer Trooper + Tank Hunter combo.

- Creator

Replay with the use of this strategy:
General vs. Bequaa (Contra 007).

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