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Classic GLA rush.

For all GLA generals.

This type of rush was known since vanilla Generals. It is easy to implement and fits for all GLA generals.

Build Barracks, Arms Dealer, 4 RPG troopers and 1 Technical. Load RPGs into Technical and go to your enemy. It is recommended to sneak from the flank right to his supply center and avoid enemy defenses. Unload RPG troopers there, destroy supply trucks (dozers, workers, supply center itself), load them back to Technical and check another supply source. Enemy will try to defend, but you can squish his infantry with your car and destroy single tanks with your RPGs. You can continue with Technical for a while, but don't forget to make normal attack in time to finish your enemy.

This rush has a number of variants:

- If you play as Stealth general, you don't have Technicals. Use Gun Buggy instead and take 2 soldiers instead of 4. Remember that infantries can shoot from Gun Buggy. So, it is not necessary to unload them.
- If you play against USA, it is more useful to take Stinger troopers instead of RPGs (they are available for Toxin and Assault generals only).
- It can be more useful to take Terrorists instead of RPGs in some cases. You don't need to care about them. Thus you can spend your time to return and bring yet another party of Terrorists.

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Replay with te use of this strategy:
St.Anger vs Artem (Contra 007).

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