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"Red Guard Rush" strategy.

For Nuke general.

This is one of rush variants. But unlike other rushes, it can bring quick victory.

Once the game have started, build the second Dozer and start building Barracks. Place Barracks near your existing Dozer to economy time for moving. When the second Dozer is completed, it builds Fusion Reactor. When Barracks are completed, they start to research Nuclear Bullets upgrade. Free Dozer starts to build second Barracks. When your power plant is done, build Supply Center. Second Barracks will be ready soon. They must start building Red Guards without delay. It will take some time for your first Barracks to finish bullets upgrade. They must start building Red Guards too as soon as it researshed. You need to build about 30 soldiers.

Your army is ready. Now go towards enemy base and level all that stands before you. If it is expected to face enemy aviation, take a number of Red Arrows with you. You will sustain losses in battle definitely. So, it is logical to implement attack with supply line here. Assign your barracks to 1 and 2 keys on keyboard and set rally points right in the middle of enemy base. Go forward, attack, switch to barracks from time to time and order new infantry. Thus, you will recieve constant infantry reinforcement.

- Creator

Replay with the use of this strategy:
Creator vs Insane AI (Contra 007).

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