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"Mirror" counterstrategy.

This strategy is meant for countering 3 attack strategies: "Siege", "Aggressive Defense" and "Long Arms".

And so, we have typical situation. One player builds his defenses around the base of another one. When the opposing player sees it, he usually makes the same error - tries to level that defenses. And even after first unsuccessful attempt he tries to do it again and again. It is loss.

If you want to exit this situation, you need to understand that enemy can not defend everything and everywhere. He directs all his forces to one defense line, while other places remain undefended. At first, you need to estimate the situation. If you have noticed Designator or Missile Fire Base building in time and see only a couple of units defending the building site, then just destroy it. But everything becomes different if enemy has strong and fully functional defenses near your base. Do not attack them. Direct your main forces to enemy base and destroy it.

You can lose your own base in such case. It is nothing bad with it because you go to exchange: he destroys your base, you destroy his base. You must prepare to it beforehand. Build second Command Center far from you base or take a Dozer with you to build up on ashes of enemy base.

This strategy works well on large maps, where you have many exits from you base. It is difficult to implement it on small maps and impossible in such case when you have only one exit from your base.

- Creator

Replay with the use of this strategy:
GIO vs GolDen (Contra 007).