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"Long Arms" strategy.

For Air Force and Laser generals.

This strategy bases on using stationary Target Designators (or Annihilators) for attack. It can be implemented after rank 3 only. It is similar to "Siege" strategy for Super Weapon general, but has significant differences.
- Siege can be implemented from the very beginning, while Long Arms - from rank 3 only.
- Siege underestimates building all possible defense structures, while Long Arms is more mobile strategy - you build 1 type of defense structures only and protect them with mobile units.

And so, you have got rank 3. You need to establish control over a zone not far from enemy base in the beginning. You need to defend that zone:

If you play as Air force:
- take Comanches to destroy enemy tanks;
- take Dark Stars to deviate missiles;
- take MCV-s to destroy mobile enemy AA units;
- take Assault Chinooks to kill enemy infantry;
- take Raptors and Avengers to defend from enemy aviation.

If you play as Laser:
- take Comanches to destroy enemy artillery;
- take Paladins or Laser Crusaders to destroy enemy vehicles;
- take Microwave Tanks to kill enemy infantry;
- take Laser Avengers to defend from enemy aviation.

When you are done, deliver 1 Dozer with Chinook and build Target Designator (or Annihilator if you play as Laser). It must be build near enemy base and able to fire at enemy buildings.

Enemy will try to level your long range defense after a couple of first strikes. You must defend it with all costs. Sooner or later, all buildings within your attack range will be destroyed. Build another defense structure closer to enemy base. You can go on with building Designators (Annihilators). But do not forget that enemy usually concentrates all his attention on them. Thus, you can also perform an attack from unexpected direction.

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