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"Aggressive defense" strategy.

For Infantry, Tank and Flame generals. Infantry fits for it the most of all.

The gist is in using Bunkers and Barracks for strategic regions defense. You need to take 1-2 Dozers to implement it. This strategy is similar to "Siege", but has significant difference. SW general does not have means for direct attack, while Infantry general has them. Bunkers and Barracks are needed to fortify conquered regions.

Infantry wins with numbers. But it does not mean that you must expend your soldiers. You have to spare them. Infantry does not sustain big losses during attack. The biggest losses happen when soldiers stand and wait for something. Bunkers can minimize these losses significantly. Such support point of 2-3 bunkers is excellent cover for both infantry and following artillery.

This strategy underestimates that infantry does not spend time for standing on open areas. Soldiers must hide in bunkers and make short rushes from bunker to bunker.

- Quality/cost ratio is the best.
- Infantry is invulnerable to snipers, toxins and radiation while in bunkers
- Infantry get firepower and attack range bonus while in bunker.
- Bunkers defend your artillery from enemy counterattacks very effectively.
- It is necessary to have a couple of Dozers on the frontline and take care of them.
- Such bonuses as "Horde", "Nationalism" and "Fanaticism" don't work in bunkers.

Aggressive Defense is good vs all generals and works always.

- Kur-zaz

Defense from this strategy - "Mirror"