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Super Weapon General.

Unit List
Unit Description
AMOS. Light artillery.
Aurora Beta. Hypersonic bomber. Invulnerable until drops bombs.
Battle Repair Drone. Repairs vehicles.
Burton. Hero. Has many abilities.
Chinook. Gathers resources. Transports vehicles and infantry.
Comanche. Combat helicopter. Effective vs ground targets.
Dozer. Builds structures.
EMP Avenger. AA vehicle.
F-117. Light stealth bomber.
Fire Support Drone. Anti infantry drone.
Hummer. Recon. Can transport infantry.
Missile Defender. AT infantry.
Pathfinder. Anti infantry soldier.
Ranger. Effective vs infantry.
Scout Drone. Recon.
Sentry Droid. Recon.
Shield Generator. Creates energy shield. Shield protests surrounding units and buildings from shells and missiles.

Upgrade List
Upgrade Description
Advanced Training. All units get veterancy faster.
Bunker Busters. Allows F-117 to kill building garrison.
Capture Building. Unlocks Ranger's Capture Building ability.
Composite Armor. +25% armor to buildings.
Control Rods. Individual upgrade. Power plant generates more power.
Countermeasures. Planes get 20% change to deviate incoming missiles.
Deflecting Armor. Buildings become resistant to particle beams and fire.
Drone Armor. +25% armor to all drones and droids.
EMP warheads. Missiles get ability to disable enemy units and structures. Unlocks Missile Defender EMP weapon.
Flash Bangs. Unlocks Ranger's Flash Bang weapon.
MOAB. Grand Slam bomb is upgraded to MOAB (needs Grand Slam purchased).
Radiation Emitter. Missiles become effective vs infantry.
Security Systems. Individual upgrade. Building gets small gun tower.
Solar Panels. Reduces amount of power consumed by super weapons.
Supply Lines. +25% resource payload to Chinook and Supply Drop Zone cargo planes.
TOW Missile. Hummers get TOW missiles. TOW is effective vs tanks.
Turbodiesel Engine. +25% Dozer movement speed.

Building List
Structure Description
Airfield. Builds, reloads and repairs planes.
Barracks. Builds infantry.
Blackout Launcher. Super weapon. Creates lightning storm and shots down enemy base.
Command Center. Holds all general's powers. Builds dozers.
Cyclone. AT and AA defense.
Drop Zone. Generates cash.
Fire Base. Light long range base defense.
ICBM Silo. Super weapon. Launches nuclear missiles.
Particle Cannon. Super weapon. Launches particle beam.
Patriot Battery. Base defense. Good vs aircrafts, ok vs vehicles, bad vs infantry.
Power Plant. Generates power.
SDI Cannon. Protects from super weapons and general's powers.
SSM Site. Heavy long range base defense.
Strategy Center. Tech Center. Researches upgrades. Unlocks many units and structures.
Supply Center. Supply center. Chinooks put resources into it.
Tomahawk Storm. Light super weapon. Launchers Tomahawk missiles.
War Factory Builds vehicles.

Stealth Detector List
Unit Detection abilities
Sentry Droid. Detects all but aircrafts.
Strategy Center. Detects stealth ground units and buildings only.
Patriot Battery. Detects stealth aircrafts only.
EMP Avenger. Detects stealth aircrafts only.
Pathfinder. Detects stealth infantry only.
Burton. Detects mines only.
Scout Drone. Detects stealth ground units and buildings only.

Garrison Clearers List

Ranger upgraded witn Flash Bangs
F-117 upgraded with Bunker Busters
Chinook Combat Drop ability

Mine Clearers List

Mine Detonation Missile (General's power)
Mine Detonation Pulse (Power Plant ability)

Toxin and Radiation Clearers List

Decontamination (General's power)

Garrisonable buildings list
Building Description
Fire Base. Infantry can fire from inside.