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Demolition General.

Unit List
Unit Description
Battle Bus. APC. Deploys Cluster mines.
Bomb truck. Kamikaze vehicle.
BTR-50P. Floating transport. Deploys AT mines.
Cockroach. Kamikaze tank. Can switch between normal attack and suicide.
Command Truck. Holds all GLA general's powers. Build it if you want to access them.
F-104 Zipper. Kamikaze interceptor.
Jarmen Kell. Hero. Has many abilities.
L-29 Dolphin. Ground bombardment kamikaze plane.
Luna. Heavy artillery.
Mad Mob. Kamikaze Mob. Spawns new mob members automatically.
Mortar Buggy. Light and fast artillery.
Nuke Bomb Truck. Super kamikaze. Creates nuclear explosion.
Quad Cannon. AA vehicle. Deploys AA mines.
Radar Van. Enables mini map. Detects stealth. Has long sight range.
Rebel. Recon. Effective vs infantry.
Saboteur. Diversion soldier.
Supply Truck. Mobile supply center. Workers put resources into it.
Technical. Recon. Can transport infantry.
Terrorist. Kamikaze infantry.
Tunnel Defender. AT infantry.
Worker. Builds structures. Gathers resources.

Upgrade List
Upgrade Description
AP Bullets. Increases damage of all machineguns.
Camouflage. Rebels and terrorists become stealth.
Capture Building. Unlocks Rebel's Capture Building ability.
Command Truck Weapon. Gives weapon to Command Truck.
Dirty Bomb. Kamikazes leave radiation on death.
Fortified Structure. All buildings get better armor.
Gas Warheads. Unlocks gas shells for Mortar Buggy.
High Explosive. +50% to kamikaze explosion power.
Junk Repair. All vehicles gain ability to repair themselves automatically.
Radar Van Scan. Unlocks Radar Van's scanning ability.
Spies. Reveals enemy supply centers locations.
Suicide Bomb. All units get suicide dynamite pack.
Toxin Shells. Equips tanks and artillery with toxins. Toxins are effective vs infantry.
Turbodiesel Engine. +25% to Bomb Truck and Cockroach movement speed.
Worker Shoes. +25% worker movement speed.

Building List
Structure Description
Advanced Demo Trap. Defense structure. Explodes when enemy comes close.
Airfield. Builds kamikaze planes.
Arms Dealer. Produces combat vehicles.
Barracks. Produces infantry.
Black Market. Generates cash.
Defense site. Base defense. Can be upgraded with different weapons.
Elbrus Storm. Super weapon.
Factory. Produces workers and utility vehicles.
Palace. Tech center. Researches upgrades. Unlocks many units and structures.
Tunnel Network. Defense structure. Garrison can move from one Tunnel exit to another instantly.

Stealth Detector List
Unit Detection abilities
Radar Van. Detects stealth ground units and buildings only.
Radar Van Ping
(special ability).
Detects stealth ground units and buildings only.
Defense Site / Quad. Detects stealth aircrafts only.
F-104 Zipper. Detects stealth aircrafts only.
BTR-50P. Detects mines only.

Garrison Clearers List

Kill Garrison (General's power)
Rebel (use TNT Charge)
Mobile Mortar upgraded with Gas Warheads

Mine Clearers List


Toxin and Radiation Clearers List

GLA Factory
Command Truck

Garrisonable buildings list
Building Description
Palace. Infantry can fire from inside.
Tunnel Network. Connected with underground tunnels.
Black Market. Connected with underground tunnels.