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Tank General.

Unit List
Unit Description
Banshee. Heavy ECM tank. Disables vehicles and deviates missiles.
Black Lotus. Hero. Has many abilities.
Dozer. Builds structures.
Dragon Tank. Close combat anti infantry vehicle. Kills building garrison.
Earth Shaker. Heavy artillery.
Emperor. Heavy tank.
Hacker. Generates cash.
Heavy Gattling Tank. AA unit.
J-10. Fighter. Effective vs ground units.
Ka-29 Helix. Heavy combat helicopter. Can transport ground units.
Listening Outpost. Detects stealth. Has long sight range.
Manticore. Heavy AA unit.
Red Guard. Anti infantry soldier.
Shaitan. Super heavy tank. The most powerful unit in game. Can level whole bases alone.
Supply Truck. Gathers resources.
Tank Hunter. AT infantry.
Troop Crawler / ECM. Disables vehicles and deviates missiles.
Troop Crawler / Engineering Vehicle. Cleans toxins. Detects and detonates mines.
Troop Crawler / Propaganda Speaker. Mobile speaker tower. Gives firepower bonus to surrounding units and heals them.
Troop Crawler / Sniper Cannon. Light artillery.
ZTZ-104. Tank. Effective vs armor and buildings.

Upgrade List
Upgrade Description
Aircraft Armor. +25% armor to planes and helicopters.
Auto Loader. +25% firepower to ZTZ-104.
Black Napalm. +25% power to Incendiary weapons.
Capture Building. Unlocks Red Guard Capture Building ability.
Emergency Repair. Improves Emergency Repair general's power (needs Emergency Repair purchased).
Gattling Guns. +25% firepower to gattling guns.
Nuclear tanks. +25% movement speed to vehicles.
Patriotism. Increases Horde bonus by 25%.
Powerful Interferences. ECM weapons become more powerful and able to disable buildings. Unlocks Black Lotus ECM field ability.
Radar. Enables mini map.
Red Guard weapon. Increases Red Guard attack range and gives ability to fire at aircrafts.
Satellite Hack 1. Reveals enemy command center location.
Satellite Hack 2. Gives ability to reveal whole map.
Satellite Hack 3. Individual upgrade. Gives ability to launch random general's ability.
Subliminal Messaging. Increases Propaganda bonus and heal rate.
Uranium Shells. +25% firepower to tank cannons.

Building List
Structure Description
Airfield. Builds, reloads and repairs planes.
Artillery Battery. Long range base defense.
Barracks. Builds infantry.
Bunker. Defense structure. Infantry can fire from inside.
Command Center. Holds all general's powers. Builds dozers.
Gauss Turret. AA and anti infantry defense.
Internet Center. Researches Satellite hacks. Unlocks hackers. Hackers generate cash faster when inside.
Nuclear Missile Silo. Super weapon. Researches some upgrades and launches nuclear missile.
Power Plant. Generates power.
Speaker Tower. Gives firepower bonus to surrounding units and heals them.
Supply Center. Supply center. Supply Trucks put resources into it.
Tech Center. Researches upgrades. Unlocks many units and structures.
War Factory. Builds vehicles.

Stealth Detector List
Unit Detection abilities
Black Lotus. Detects everything.
Engineering Vehicle. Detects mines only.
Listening Outpost. Detects all but mines.
Manticore. Detects stealth aircrafts only.
Radar Add-on. Detects stealth ground units and buildings only.

Garrison Clearers List

Dragon Tank
Emperor with Flamethrower
Earth Shaker

Mine Clearers List

Dragon Tank (use Firewall ability)
Troop Crawler with Engineering equipment

Toxin and Radiation Clearers List

Troop Crawler with Engineering equipment

Garrisonable buildings list
Building Description
Bunker. Infantry can fire from inside.
Internet Center. Hackers get money faster when inside.