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Urban war.

For all generals.

Various ZH maps have cities or towns. Any city can be turned into good defense line if used skilfuly. The number of different fight variants is very high. So, we will not describe all of them and just draw your attention to common principles.

Building defense in urban area.

In the very beginning you have to analyze the situation and conclude if to go to a city. If a city is located far and does not block your base entrance then it does not worth to go there. If it can be helpful for defense then you must turn it into defense line.

If some empty buildings stand near enemy base then there is opportunity to enter them and organize defense around enemy instead of around yourself.

And so, you decide to occupy a city. First of all, you need to do it fast. Moreover, enemy will kill your garrisons and you will need to bring new soldiers as quickly as possible. GLA can garrison towns faster using Tunnel Network. USA can use Chinooks for this purpose. China can build Barracks right in town. But honestly, any side can build Barracks in urban area.

Preparations have been made. One needs to garrison buildings now. There are some variants of doing this.

Variant 1. Garrison as many buildings as possible by sending 1 soldier into each building. Psychological effect can work in this case. Enemy will see occupied town and choose another path. By the way, this variant is good reconnaissance too because soldiers see everything in town and around it. However, this defense will not sustain good assault.
Variant 2. Put maximum soldiers in 2-3 buildings and enforce them with combat units, defense structures and radars. You will get strong point capable of defeating powerlul attacks.
Variant 3. Garrison a number of buildings with small multifunctional team of 2-4 soldiers. There must be some soldiers effective vs infantry, some antitank and some antiaircraft troopers. This is a middle point between 1st and 2nd variants. It gives good defense and the loss of one garrison is not critical.

Choosing structure wisely will help to defend the city much easier. Each building can block incoming fire. Tall buildings block artillery shells, missiles and bombs. Thus, you may hide a unit or defense structure behind city buildings. And also, it is better to occupy small buildings located near tall ones. Enemy must come from the direction of tall building.

One needs to take care of reconnaissance of course and put scouts or radars between buildings. Enemy will use antigarrison measures such as Dragon tanks, Toxin Trucks and Microwave tanks. Therefore, it is also needed to enforce urban defense with tanks, defense structures, mines and demo traps.

If you play as Stealth general, put your stealth buildings between city houses to block paths. Destroy enemy radars with buggies or "Destroy Radars" general's power and he will not be able to pass through blocked town.

Ok, defense line has been built and enemy approaches. What should you do during urban battle? One has to take care about 2 following things.

1) To build infantry as quickly as possible. Enemy will kill garrisons, so, new soldiers will be needed to take back lost city buildings. No matter if infantry can get to frontline in time. Infantry is not weak by itself and can stop enemy forces broken through. When battle is over, remaining soldiers must garrison city houses.
2) To repair damaged buildings during battle. Dozers and workers must be prepared for it beforehand.

Assault in urban area.

Quality of each defense is defined by the quality of its weakest part. Thus, perform reconnaissance and choose proper attack path. If enemy has strong urban defense, but keeps his base open from the flank, do not go to the city. Use this gap.

Lets imagine that a gap has not been found and you go through the city. The first thought which crosses one's mind is to take antigarrison units. Yes, it is correct decision, but well made urban defense is always enforced with tanks. Such attack will clear some first line houses and will be defeated quickly.

The most effective, but the most slow way it to use artillery. Take artillery and level one building after another no matter if they are garrisoned or not. This method clears your path, destroys garrisons and prevents enemy from occupying new houses. But enemy will perform counterstrike trying to destroy your artillery. So, you need to retreat, defeat counterstrike and attack again. It can last for very long time.

Therefore, it is needed to alternate attack with defense. Take care about enemy counterattack beforehand. Take tanks, infantry and a builder with you. Attack, capture a quarter, build defense there and go forward. Occupy building located near enemy ones. You troops will fire from one building at another. It can help a lot. Don't forget that some soldiers can kill garrisons. Put a group of rangers or flamethrowers into a house and they will clear all surrounding buildings from enemy garrisons.

- Casojin