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"Task Force" strategy.

For Tank general.

This strategy consists of many similar tactical operations and using different task forces of 6-10 units. It is more effective to unite these groups into teams (by pressing Ctrl+number) and assign a formation to them (by pressing Ctrl+F). Such small groups are able to fight successfully and sustain minimal losses. The main feature is to attack with organized groups and avoid using chaotic heaps. Formations must not change their structure during battle. They act as one unit and are able to move forwards and backwards without changing order of units in group.

Battle formations:

You can choose any formation and any combination of units yourself depending on situation. But don't forget to press Ctrl+F to create formation and Ctrl+number to assign a team.

"Hedgehog" formation. Effective vs artillery, tanks, APCs and defenses. Weak vs infantry and aircrafts.

"Fist" formation. Effective vs tanks, infantry, but weak vs artillery and defenses.

"Hammer" formation. It is improved variant of "Fist". Possible to implement after you get 3-rd rank. Add-ons on Emperors are chosen depending on enemy.

- Kur-zaz
- Creator