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Tactics of using TCs.

For Infantry, Nuclear and Flame generals.

Infantry general basic combat unit is Troop Crawler (TC). If you don't know how to use them properly, you loose. Other generals have their TCs too and your knowledge of using them can give you advantage on battlefield. TC is not such unit which just stands still and shoots. All features of using TCs are described below.

When you use TCs, retreat during attack keeping desired distance between your TCs and enemy units. TCs attack on the move which makes them very effective. Basic TC trick is to come close, begin attack and go away. Enemy units will pursue TC, but it will fire backwards and destroy enemies. This trick increases TC life time not less than 2 times.

Yet another TC trick is to unload soldiers during retreat. When TC is low on health, unload infantry and does not allow them to die at once inside the vehicle. Of course, you should not do it when standing in radiation field or poison pool.

In order to use TCs effectively, do not use them in heaps. Take 2-3 units, assign a formation and control them carefully. Do not forget that infantry has damage penalty versus toxin trucks, dragon tanks, irradiators and other anti infantry vehicles. So, you need to have artillery behind your TCs and divide targets: artillery destroys anti infantry units, TCs destroy everything else. But TCs must also cover artillery with their armor and do not allow it to enter close combat.

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