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"Metamorphosis" strategy.

For all GLA generals.

The gist of this strategy is in transforming your GLA general into something else by capturing enemy technologies. It fits for all GLA generals and especially useful for Stealth and Demolition ones. It is very effective strategy, but requires enemy Dozer. Snipe it with Jarmen Kell, capture it with a soldier and move it to your base or into Tunnel Network carefully.

Builder replacement tactics.

This tactics is the part of "Metamorphosis" strategy. When you have enemy Dozer captured, but unsure if you can save it from enemy fire, do the following. Select captured Dozer. Press H on keyboard to look at your base. Then order Dozer to build something on your base. Do not wait until it comes. Order it to move to a random spot and then order to build another building. Sooner or later Dozer will be destroyed. But a number of buildings with 0% completion state will stay. Finish them with your workers.

- Kur-zaz