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"Force" tactics.

For Air Force, Laser and Super Weapon generals.

The gist is in using Chinooks in battle instead of gathering resources. They increase mobility very significantly.

- You can move your tanks to areas less defended by enemy.
- You can move Rangers in the middle of enemy base to capture buildings.
- You can evacuate your vehicles from dangerous areas.

This tactics is very effective, but there is one minus: all units are unloaded in one spot. If enemy fires at your units, all your squad takes damage - it is very vulnerable while unloading.

- Kur-zaz

"Artful Chinook" tactics (particular variant of "Force").

USA Chinook can become universal battle unit in early game. Its armor is tough enough and can sustain a number of hits from AA. The minus of this tactics is that you need to spend money and time to build Barracks and War Factory.

Now form TG from the following units:
- 1 Hummer,
- 4 missile troops,
- 1 Chinook.

If you play vs USA, build 1 Avenger as reinforcement for your TG.
If vs GLA - build Sentry Drone.
If vs China - build Microwave Tank, MCV or ARV.

Whole TG costs $4000-$4500 depending on general. So, you need enough of starting resources or enough supply sources captured. It is also recommended to research TOW missiles upgrade.

Then load your troops into Hummer. Load Hummer with the rest of vehicles into Chinook. Order Chinook to go to the nearest enemy supply source and unload there. Hummer can deal with small infantry squads. Missile troops can destroy buildings and single vehicles. Avenger defends vs Comanches. You need to destroy enemy Supply Center (or Oil Derrick) before defenders come. If you see strong enemy forces closing in - load your TG back into Chinook and go to another enemy Supply Center or undefended corner of his base.

Serious danger is to face group of mobile AA defenses unexpectedly. If it happens, you risk to loose your Chinook with all its cargo.

This tactics is more effective on island maps. Can be implemented easily vs USA, difficult vs GLA and very difficult vs China (they can stop your attack with one Dragon or one Gattling tank).

- Eva