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Explosive Stream stratrgy.

For all GLA except Assault general.

You need to research infantry camouflage upgrade as soon as possible. In order to do it, you need to build 2 barracks in the beginning. Choose the barracks and set rally point near enemy defense line. Build suicide bombers without stopping and mantain build queue. If you play as demo general then build packs of 4 suicide bombers. Next step is controling your kamikaze squads. It is better to choose fragile targets because they can be taken down quickly. Do not attack though buildings unless you assemble enough attackers. Remember that you need to destroy each target within 3-5 seconds. It is possible to implement with the stream of attackers coming from 3-4 barracks. It is also necessary to direct a number of units to protect your kamikazes from aircrafts and radars.
The most complex thing for the enemy is fighting constant stream instead of conventional sturm heap. After many network games it was determned that a stream causes the most destructive effect at an opponent.

It is desirable to set quick selection for barracks (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 and so on). This way you can select them easily by pressing 1,2,3 and so on and fulfill build queue constantly as well as change rally point when needed. If enemy organized good defense then go round it and attack from a flank or attack his ally (if you play 2x2 or 3x3 game). Determine which thing prevents your stream from moving forward and destroy it with other units. It is usually a combination if antipersonnel unit and a radar. They can be taken down with Scorpion or Quad Cannon.

Minefield is not an obstacle for the stream: cheap suicide attackets will clean it with ease sacrificing themselves. When an attackes explodes, he detonates a number of mines around it with splash damage. Thus, they can serve as a replacement of a sapper unit.