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"Digger" strategy.

For Assault and Toxin generals. Fits for Assault the most of all.

The gist is in digging many tunnels with Workers and Rigs around the map. Assault general receives damage bonus from tunnels after he builds Cave.

If it is impossible to dig out whole map, dig tunnels near significant objects (such as Oil Derricks, Supply Depots and etc). Just attack having a couple of Rigs behind your lines. This strategy allows to carry out successful attack and defense operations. Attacks get penetrating effect: enemy needs much time to destroy all tunnels around his base, while you can regroup and attack again.

- High level of map control.
- Damaged units are recovered in Tunnels almost instantly.
- Possibility to regroup quickly and attack again.
- Possibility to retreat with minimal losses.
- Possibility perform sudden attack from unexpected direction.
- Enemy needs time to destroy tunnels.
- Not easy to implement. You need much experience to do it.

This strategy can be also implemented with other GLA generals. But Assault fits for it the most of all because of damage bonus (given by Cave) and Rigs (which dig tunnels for free).

A number of tactics for this strategy:

"Quick demolish" tactics.

This tactics is a part of "Digger" strategy. A number of Demolishers (6-8 units) exit Tunnel Network, approach enemy base from the very unexpected direction and start to level buildings. Enemy concentrates attention on Demolishers, while you can perform your attack in another place.

"Sudden holes" tactics.

This tactics is a part of "Digger" strategy. One Rig digs one hole. Hole unloads a number of other Rigs which dig other holes and go back into tunnels. The thing is that one Rig is easier to guide to enemy base than a group of them.

"Mighty Ground Squirrels" tactics.

This tactics is a part of "Digger" strategy. Artillery close to enemy positions and start firing. When enemy comes close, it hides in nearest tunnel, exit another tunnel and continue firing. Always build a number of RPG troopers and Scorpions. If enemy rolls out tanks to kill your artillery - unload RPGs. If Gattlings or Dragons - unload Scorpions.

- Kur-zaz