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"Intricate trap" defensive tactics.

For all GLA generals.

And so, you play as GLA. You need to hold a narrow pass. You know exactly that your enemy builds army of tanks or other vehicles. Since there is no another way to get to your base, he goes through the pass.

You need:
- worker - 1 unit.
- anti infantry measure - 2 units.

Yes, you can build up this pass with demo traps and let him come. His first line tanks will be exploded by demo traps and then he will stop and bring a saper.

But you can build unusual intricate trap. The gist is:

- Demo traps are built close to each other and detonate each other.
- All demotraps are switched to manual mode.
- The farthest from enemy demotrap is switched to automatic mode.

You get this in result:

□ □ □ □ □ □
■                       ← Enter
□ □ □ □ □ □

● - An anti infantry unit.

□ - Demo Trap in manual mode.
■ - Demo Trap in automatic mode.

Tanks follow through the pass, so demo traps appear between them. They are set to manual mode and don't explode. The first tank reaches the end of the pass and activates the demo trap which was set to automatic mode. It explodes and detonates all other demo traps. All tanks explode.

Anti infantry units don't allow single soldiers to activate whole trap.

By the way, you can build stinger sites in front of your demo traps. They can destroy single tanks which can detonate everything accidentally. If enemy has many tanks then he destroys your stinger sites and moves forward to his doom.

- Antropod