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"Blitzkrieg" strategy. 10.000 of starting resources.

For Air Force general.

The first thing you need to do is to recon the map. It is necessary to know which enemy you play against and where is him. I recommend to purchase spy drone in general's powers menu instead of pilot training. First Dozer builds power plant the most close to its current location to economy time. Build second Dozer, send it to the closest supply depot and build Supply Center there. Once power plant is completed, send your first Dozer to build another Supply Center near the second supply depot. Once first Supply Center is ready, build Chinook there. Free Dozer goes to build Levitation Pad (again - close to Dozer current location to economy time). Once second Supply Center is ready - build yet another Chinook there.

However, if there are many Oil Derricks on the map, second Dozer goes to build Barracks instead of Supply Center. Then order to build 2-4 Rangers in Barracks and in the end of queue - Capture Building upgrade. While upgrade is being researched, Rangers go to different Oil derricks and then - capture them. You must capture and hold under you control not less than 3 derricks (preferably - until the end of the game). If you are unsure if you can do it - build second Supply Center and Chinook instead of Barracks.

Economics is done. Now build War Factory. Its building is usually started before Levitation Pad is done. Once Levitation Pad is on, build F-18.

Your first plane has been made. Now you can checkmate a beginner or risky player who goes to total derricks capture. Select your F-18 and take off. Enemy must not build War Factory. If it is in progress - destroy Dozer building it. While first F-18 is returning to base, send second F-18 goes to kill another Dozer which will try to finish construction.

Almost all players build 2 Dozers in the very beginning (1 is given from the start, 2 are built). Thus, you have to kill 3rd Dozer which gone to build defenses. This is all. Enemy is without War Factory and Dozers. He is receiving money from his economy, but can not buy anything. Victory is ours.

Besides, it can be easier to send Comanche to destroy Dozers instead of micro controlling F-18.
However, it will hardly work against AI - it builds many Dozers in the beginning.
And also, it is hard to deal with GLA - they are too viable. If you play against them then act with Comanche only.

- Kur-zaz