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Aurora Shield.

For Air Force, Laser and Super Weapon generals.

This tactics can be used in both team play and usual modes. It requires very careful micro management and is easier to implement in team play mode.

Let us consider team play variant first. Aurora Shield requires one player in team to be able to build Auroras and another one to be prepared for air strike. The one with Auroras is defender. His aim is to protect his teammate. Second player is attacker. His aim is to destroy targets.

Defender starts first. He needs to take Aurora, look at enemy base and order it to attack ground behind the base (Ctrl+click). Aurora will enter invulnerability mode, fly over enemy and attract attention of all AA defenses. Do not wait until it drops its bomb. Retarget it a second before drop. Aurora will turn around without exiting invulnerability mode and fly over enemy base one more. And so on. Defender must control Aurora carefully and keep it in invulnerability mode as long as possible.
Theoretically, Aurora do 1-2 hypersonic runs over enemy base and return undamaged. Attacker's planes strike their targets and return home without losses too. Such ideal is hardly reachable, but one must get as close to it as possible.

It is not recommended to use helicopters in combination with Aurora Shield because defender can not hold shield for long and AA defenses can be retargeted manually by the enemy.

Let us consider usual game play now. One needs to assign teams to Aurora and attack planes in this case. Let Aurora to be in team 1 (Ctrl+1) and attack planes - in team 2 (Ctrl+2). Press 1 on keyboard to select Aurora and order it to take off (to do it, just click somewhere on empty place). Press 2 on keyboard to select attack group and send it to towards enemy forces using "Attack Move" command. Switch back to Aurora without delay and make the shield as described above. Your attack group will strike and return to base automatically while you will control Aurora.

- Kur-zaz