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Strategy and tactics tips:

For Air Force general.

1) In which cases is it advantageous to capture Oil Derricks? In such cases when you play against Air Force, Super Weapon, Assault, Tank and Nuke generals. In other cases you have to build more Supply Canters instead of capturing Derricks.

2) Which target to choose?
- If you have an enemy force of 5 tanks and 3-4 AA approaching, destroy tanks with F-18 and then send MCV to finish AA.
- If enemy has AA infantry in his ranks, everything is more complex. You need to kill soldiers first with your Hummers (it is recommended to have Rangers switched to Flash Bangs loaded). And there is the same next: F-18 go to kill tanks, MCV go to kill AA.
- Tactics changes if enemy has less AA and more tanks (to say, 10 tanks + 2 AA). F-18 kill AA in this case. Tanks are killed with Comanche or Assault Chinook. One AA units usually needs 2 F-18. Both F-18 return alive. Battle of 2 AA vs 2 F-18 ends another way: 1 AA and 1 F-18 dies.

- Kur-zaz

3) Make your decision in the beginning carefuly. You can build War Factory or Levitation Pad first. Choice depend on enemy you play against.

4) Always have a number of MCVs and Hummers with missile troopers in reserve.

5) If enemy has War Factory with AA defenses in the beginnig of game then don't try to attack it. I will end with too high aviation losses for you.

- Ilya123