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Troubleshooting Contra 007

1)   Spider Mech turns into a shining thing and does not want to return to its normal state. It usually happens when you click teleport button and make double or triple click on destination point. This bug is connected to game engine and can not be fixed. Just avoid making 100 clicks per second when using teleport ability. If it happened, click teleport button once more. Spiders will return into their normal form.

2)   You see strings like "MISSING:bla-bla-bla" instead of names and descriptions of new units. The game can not load new language file. Everything works properly with English version, but it can be problems with non-English versions. Language file is packed inside "!Contra007-en.big". Unpack this file using FinalBig tool. This package contains only one file - generals.csf  placed into /Data/English/ folder. Rename "English" folder. If you use German version - rename in into "German". If Spanish version - rename into "Spanish" and so on. Then pack everything back.

3)   You see purple rectangles instead of buttons and unit icons. The reason is the same as in point 8. But this time you must unpack "!Contra007.big" package and rename "English" folder there.

4) You can't uninstall Contra because you don't see it in Windows Control Panel. It is not a bug. Contra does not support this feature. Run Contra launcher and click "Uninstall and exit". This is all.

5) AI does not do anything. There can be 2 possible reasons. First. You use unfinished multiplayer map without paths and markers for AI. Finish your multiplayer map or use another one. Second. Something happened with AI. Make sure that /Data/Scripts/ folder does not contain "" file.

6) Game crashes. Zero Hour starts normally, but crashes after 10-15 minutes of waiting in main menu. It happens sometimes. The reason is unknown, but it is connected with Shellmap. You can turn off Shellmap to avoid this problem. In order to do so, make right click on Zero Hour shortcut and choose "Properties".
There will be a string similar to this:
"C:\Games\Generals Zero Hour\generals.exe"
Add "-noshellmap" parameter.
"C:\Games\Generals Zero Hour\generals.exe" -noshellmap
Click "Ok". This is all. Shellmap will be replaced with standard Generals screenshot and game will load 2 times faster.

7) Text is not displayed. First of all, delete ariag.ttf file from Zero Hour folder. Then go to Windows/Fonts/ folder, find Arial.ttf and copy it to Zero Hour. Rename copied Arial.ttf to Ariag.ttf. This is all.

8) Launcher displays this error:

Download fixed launcher.

9) The mod is in Russian and you want to switch it to English.
It happens when you install the mod incorrectly. There are 2 language packages:
!Contra007-en.big - for English.
!Contra007-ru.big - for Russian.
When you place both packages into the game, Russian one overrides English version and the game switches to Russian. You need to find and delete !Contra007-ru.big to switch the game to English.

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