e Contra: Generals Zero Hour Modification


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Installation instructions.

Installing Contra 009. (Video instructions)

Before you start, delete previous version of Contra (if installed). Make sure that your Zero Hour is patched to v1.04 and you don't have any other mods installed.

Extract the archive. Copy all contents of the extracted folder to your Zero Hour directory. To play the mod, open "Contra Launcher.exe". You will find startup options such as music, language, unit voices, etc. Decide your preferences and click "Launch". Contra will auto-detach itself from Zero Hour on exit, so that you can launch original Zero Hour or any other mod.

Uninstalling Contra.

If you need to uninstall the mod, delete all files with ".ctr" extension from your Zero Hour directory. If you still have the original downloaded archive, you can see and delete all the other files (they won't corrupt your game, though).

Manual Installation.

For these steps you MUST NOT use the Contra Launcher.
1. Put all files from the downloaded archive into your Zero Hour folder (NOT the one in My Documents).
2. Rename !Contra009.ctr to !Contra009.big.
3. Rename !Contra009EN.ctr to !Contra009EN.big OR rename !Contra009RU.ctr to !Contra009RU.big if you want Russian language.
4. Rename !Contra009VOrig.ctr to !Contra009VOrig.big OR rename !Contra009VLoc.ctr to !Contra009VLoc.big if you want English unit voices.
5. Rename !Contra009MNew.ctr to !Contra009MNew.big OR rename !Contra009MStandard.ctr to !Contra009MStandard.big if you want vanilla soundtracks.
6. Rename Scripts folder to Scripts1 (which is located inside Data folder).
7. Start the game from generals.exe (NOT Contra Launcher.exe)!

Uninstalling Contra after manual installation.

The uninstallation process is the same as described above (you have to delete the ".ctr" files), except that there is one more step. You need to rename the "Scripts1" folder back to "Scripts".