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  American Generals

Malcolm "Ace" Granger
Air Force General


Air Force general depends on speed and precision. He requires skilful control and is heavy on micro management. While being a powerful general the skill and experience required makes him difficult for many beginners to play.

Alexis Alexander
Super Weapon General


Advantage of this general is easy micro and very simple strategy. Almost the same vs all enemies - build up around enemy until he dies. However, you should not ignore other abilities. 

Tip: Never try to build the whole of your base with defenses. Be more active. Do not doom yourself to passive defense.

Cybernetic General


Generic feature of this generals is its mobility, which allow to move whole army very fast and create numerical superiority at desired areas of battlefield. His basic strategy is unstoppable maneuring along enemy base perimeter. If he finds weak point in defense - he moves there instantly and destroys the most significant targets.

Tip: Never divide your army into parts. Always attack with full force. And don't fear to leave your base without defense. Cyber general's units are speedy, so you will always return in time.

"Pinpoint" Townes
Laser General


Laser is a versatile general strong in call situations. He is flexible and has units to fill every combat role. As a result he has no weaknesses other than being a specialist at nothing.


  Cheinese Generals

Ta Hun Kwai
Tank General


His strategy is easy to understand, but not as easy to implement: build more tanks and attack. But everything has its details.

Tip: Don't attack with shapeless heaps. Put your army into formations (Ctrl+F). No matter which one. The fact of using any formation makes forces control more convenient.

Tsing Shi Tao
Nuclear General


Nuke General must rely on aggression to defend his base. He has no defenses to hide behind while you wait for your nukes to load. The absence of defense structures forces player to be more active and aggressive. Use your units to carry out counterattacks for defense and support your main attack with super weapons.

Tip: The nuclear storm will draw attention across the entire map. Never build it unless you have the forces to defend it

"Anvil" Shin Fai
Infantry General


Infantry is a volatile general given to decisive victories or defeats in the early game. As expected he relies on masses of infantry in the early game, later reinforced by more infantry. In the late game he gains powerful artillery strikes supported by the same infantry.

Flame General


He has the same strategy as tank general, but another means for its implementation and another battle tactics. His vehicles are not as armored as tank general's ones, so he has to use artillery and different tactics tricks instead of forcing his way through.


  GLA Generals

Dr. Thrax
Toxin General


Toxin general specializes in area attacks and damage over time. He is especially effective vs mobbed units and hordes. If well played, you will find all of your positions unapproachable for the fields of acid and poison.

Prince Kassad
Stealth/Camouflage General


While at a glance his units are weak and poorly suited of combat, Stealth General is a deceptively powerful general using infiltration and surprise to his advantage. He has several long range sniper units capable of attacking with impunity against units lacking stealth detection, as well as a variety of means to deprive the enemy of units capable of detecting stealth. He is a challenging general to play, but has a strong reward for the effort given.

Rodhall "Demo" Juhziz
Demolitions General


He is a versatile and powerful general with demanding micro management needs. Since almost all units are disposable, you must use them with care, directing almost all kamikazes manually. Considering that you also need to mine terrain and build structures, it becomes clear why controlling him is so hard. However, he has this feature: the more assiduously you play - the more complex it becomes for enemy to defend from your endless flows of kamikazes. If you play properly, you can defeat any other general.


Al Hachum
Assault General


Assault is a flexible general with flexible units. He is low micro management and well suited for most players. While having no spectacular abilities he also has no weaknesses.