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How to play Contra or another game by Internet?

Use Hamachi or another VPN technology.

Which Generals version do I need?

Generals Zero Hour 1.04.
As for Contra version - discuss it with players.

What is Hamachi?

It is small program which is meant to provide direct connection between 2 or more computers using Internet. It uses UDP protocol to create virtual private network (VPN). You can create your virtual local area network (LAN) for 2 or more computers with this program. Such virtual LAN is similar to conventional LAN and you can do everything there: to share files on your HDD, play games and so on.

Where to get this Hamachi?

It can be downloaded from here.

What is Premium Hamachi version needed for?

1) To get money from you.
2) To unlock some functions.
3) To remove client limit (no more than 16 in freeware version).

How to use it?

Install and launch Hamachi. Click "Power on" button in the left bottom corner of Hamachi window. Program will ask you for your nickname. Enter your nick and click "Create". Program will connect to Internet and create personal number (IP address) for you. It is displayed on the top of Hamachi window. Now click the button with triangle. You can create your own network or join an existing one. Select "Join an existing network".

I'm connected. What now?

Make right click on any of active networks and choose "Open chat window". Tell other players that you want to play. When you are in agreement, start Generals Zero Hour and click "Multiplayer Game". One of you must create new game, another one - join. You have to discuss it beforehand. If you have a problem, click "Options" (in Generals) and check your IP. It must be Hamachi IP.

All buildings explode in 30 seconds of playing OR the game says "Your serial is already in use". What should I do?

You must change licence key for your Generals Zero Hour. Or the one you try to play with must change it. Google knows how.

The game shows mismatch message. What is it caused by?

There can be a number of reasons:
1. One of players uses cheats, such as "Art Money".
2. Connected players use different versions of Contra.
3. Some of connected players have bad internet connection.

Which factors define game speed?

1. Computer productivity of all connected players. The game chooses the slowest computer and reduces other computers productivity to the level of the slowest one.
2. Internet connection speed and quality. Yet again, the game looks at all connected players and chooses the worst connection speed.
3. Internet data transmition speed. It depend on players geographic location and current traffic inside Internet.

I'm logged in a network. My friend is logged into another network and can not not log into my one because of overflow. What should I do?

Create another network and tell you friend to log into it. And remember, that all players from all networks you are connected to can see you and can join you.


Is Dial-Up connection enough to play multiplayer games?

From personal experience - Dial-up connection is enough to play 2-players game and talk by Teamspeak simultaneously.


How much traffic is spent for 1 hour of playing?

It depend on game intensity. If you play 2-players game on a small map then you have about 4-5 Mb per hour. If you play 8-players game on a big map and with large armies - then traffic is much higher. Average value is near 10 Mb per hour.


The game says "This game version is different". What should I do?

1. Probably, mod versions are different or you try to play different mods. Always discuss mods you want to play and their versions before you start.
2. You don't have Patch 1.04 for Generals Zero Hour. Download and install it.
Download patch 1.04