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General information.

Nuke General must rely on aggression to defend his base. He has no defenses to hide behind while you wait for your nukes to load. The absence of defense structures forces player to be more active and aggressive. Use your units to carry out counterattacks for defense and support your main attack with super weapons.

Tip: The nuclear storm will draw attention across the entire map. Never build it unless you have the forces to defend it


Nuclear General Tech Tree.

Air Force General Tech Tree.


Unit, upgrade and building list.

Unit List
Unit Description
Assault Troop Crawler. APC. Comes with 2 Nuke Tank Hunters and 4 Red Guards.
Bertha. Super heavy artillery.
Black Lotus. Hero. Has many abilities.
Death Hand. Light super weapon.
Dozer. Builds structures.
ECM Tank. Disables vehicles and deviates missiles.
Field Engineer. Cleans toxins. Detects and detonates mines.
Gattling Tank. AA unit.
Hacker. Generates cash.
Howitzer. Artillery.
Iron Dragon. Gunship. Effective vs all ground targets. Does not need to reload at airfield.
Irradiator. Anti infantry vehicle. Kills building garrison.
Ka-29 Helix. Heavy combat helicopter. Can transport ground units.
Listening Outpost. Detects stealth. Has long sight range.
MiG-31. Interceptor.
Nuclear MiG MFI. Fighter. Effective vs ground units.
Nuke Cannon. Heavy artillery. Damage bonus vs buildings.
Nuke Tank Hunter. Universal infantry. Damage bonus vs buildings.
Overlord. Universal heavy tank.
Red Arrow. AA infantry.
Red Guard. Anti infantry soldier.
Supply Truck. Gathers resources.
ZTZ-90. Tank. Effective vs armor and buildings.

Upgrade List
Upgrade Description
Aircraft Armor. +25% armor to planes and helicopters.
Anti Radiation Defense. Vehicles become immune to radiation. Infantry becomes resistant to radiation.
Capture Building. Unlocks Red Guard Capture Building ability.
Gattling Guns. +25% firepower to gattling guns.
Improved MIRV. Individual upgrade. Increases nuclear missile power.
Isotope Stability. Your vehicles and infantry don't explode on death.
Neutron Mines. Upgrades Cluster Mines to Neutron Mines. Effects Cluster Mines general's power.
Neutron Shells. Unlocks Neutron Shells for Nuke Cannon and Nuke Tank Hunter. Gives neutron missiles to MiG-31.
Nuclear bullets. Significantly increases Red Guard firepower.
Patriotism. Increases Horde bonus by 25%.
Radar. Enables mini map.
Radioactive Shells. Allows shells leave radiation (bonus vs infantry).
Reactive Shells. Increases cannons attack range by 15%.
Satellite Hack 1. Reveals enemy command center location.
Satellite Hack 2. Gives ability to reveal whole map.
Subliminal Messaging. Increases Propaganda bonus and heal rate.

Building List
Structure Description
Airfield. Builds, reloads and repairs planes.
Barracks. Builds infantry.
Command Center. Holds all general's powers. Builds dozers.
Internet Center. Researches Satellite hacks. Unlocks hackers. Hackers generate cash faster when inside.
Nuclear Missile Silo. Super weapon. Researches some upgrades and launches nuclear missile.
Nuclear Storm. The most powerful super weapon in game. But needs too long reload time.
Power Plant. Generates power.
Speaker tower. Gives firepower bonus to surrounding units and heals them.
Supply Center. Supply center. Supply Trucks put resources into it.
Tech Center. Researches upgrades. Unlocks many units and structures.
War Factory. Builds vehicles.

Stealth Detector List
Unit Detection abilities
Black Lotus. Detects everything.
Field Engineer. Detects mines only.
Listening Outpost. Detects all but mines.
MiG-31. Detects stealth aircrafts only.
Radar Add-on. Detects stealth ground units and buildings only.


Garrison Clearers List

Overlord with Irradiator
Nuclear Tank Hunter upgraded with Neutron Shells
Nuclear Cannon upgraded with Neutron Shells
MiG-31 upgraded with Neutron Shells
Neutron Bomb (general's power)

Mine Clearers List

Field Engineer

Toxin and Radiation Clearers List

Field Engineer

Garrisonable buildings list
Building Description
Internet Center. Hackers get money faster when inside.