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Contra is freeware modification (or simply - mod) for Generals: Zero Hour real time strategy game. Contra is a 'standalone' mod - it won't work in conjunction with any other mods and AI patches you may have installed, so remove them before you install it.

Contra requires Generals Zero Hour version 1.04.

- Contra has rank system: New units, buildings and upgraded are unlocked automatically after you get higher rank.
- 3 new generals: USA Cyber general, China Flame general and GLA Assault general.
- Over 100 new units, upgrades, buildings and general's powers.
- New graphics and sounds.
- All 12 generals were made as diverse as possible. The gameplay for each general is unique.
- New strategies became available: mass tunnels, bunker rush, attack with defenses and others.
- New aggressive AI in Skirmish.
- Completely new balance. Many stangard Zero Hour units were reworked and changed their purposes. In particular, Raptor attacks air units only, Laser Turret is ineffective versus infantry and so on.
- Simplified micro management (since Contra 008).
- Each faction speaks its own language (since Contra 008).
- Increased stability in multiplayer games (since Contra 008).


The mod was created by international team from entire world. Team leader - Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov.

- Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov (Russia) - Coding, 3D art, 2D art, sounds, skirmish AI, balance calculation, Russian and English localizations, web design. Aproximately, 60% of all work.
- Ilya [Woody] Palavoshev (Russia) - Dozens of 3D models and textures.
- Alex [Pendaelose] Bailey (USA) - Additional coding, some 3d models.
- Zmey Gorynych (Belorussia) - Additional coding, balace advisor.
- Nikita [Overlord] Makeyev (Ukraine) - Some 3d models.
- Alexander [Taran] Dedov (Ukraine) - Some 3d models and textures. Mod DB account maintenance.
- Kirill [Gluck] (Russia) - Some 3d models and textures.
- XPOM (Russia) - One 3d model with texture.
- Dennis vd Wal (Holland) - One 3d model.
- Dcesarec (Croatia) - Some 3D models and textures.
- Kur-zaz (Russia) - balance advisor.
- Ilya123 (Russia) - balance advisor.
- JohnContra (Ukraine) - web design.
- Gundamwen (China) - Chinese replics.
- Mohsen [UFO] Mansoori (Iran) - Persian replics.
- Fafniros (Tunisia) - Arabic replics.
- Oops2005 (China) - Chinese localization.
- Tracktor (Ukraine) - Ukrainian localization.
- Grenuh (Ukraine) - Ukrainian localization.
- Painkiller (Ukraine) - Ukrainian localization, Network code optimization.
- }{о}{ол (Ukraine) - Ukrainian localization.
- MelAndr (Ukraine) - Ukrainian localization.
- Zheka (???) - Network code optimization.
- Unwelcom (???) - Network code optimization.
- Demonyto (???) - Network code optimization.