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Contra 009 FINAL Patch 3 Hotfix
Posted January 27, 2021. By predator_bg.

Welcome to another update! A small hotfix patch has just been released!


NOTE: This hotfix includes cosmetic and solo play changes only, so it is not required to keep playing online! You will not get a mismatch if some players have the hotfix, but others don't.


Contra Launcher will ask you to download and apply the hotfix, so you don't have to bother doing it manually.


There's not quite too much more to say or show, so here's a straight link to the changelog:

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Contra 009 FINAL PATCH 2 released!
Posted December 17, 2019. By predator_bg.

Just before Holidays, we decided to finally release long awaited Patch 2 for Contra 009 FINAL!

We know that patch 1 was long time ago and you expected patch 2 earlier this year, but we packed so many things into this that at the end it was worth waiting.

This Holiday special bundle includes: reported bug fixes, new artwork, new voices, new general's powers, fixed AI, new maps, new launcher and new VPN!

- So, let's start with bug fixes and in-game changes!

To avoid huge list in this important article, you can read full changelog by following this link:

- Just some of the new artwork!
A lot of in game stuff is changed, from units, effects, to game menu interface. Most of the beautiful stuff you will experience while playing.
However, as usual, here are some new renders of redesigns:




As seen in official videos, Valanx is replaced with Hummer variants. There are 2 random variants with snow version.


Super Weapon and Air Force generals use Hummer-based Avenger


Old Seraph mech is redesigned with concept similar to other angel type units!


GLA Marauder tank is now using its original Zero Hour concept, but much more detailed and improved!


Most of the "spawn" generals powers in game are balanced in such way, that they are dropped by planes. This change affected GLA and for this purpose small cargo plane has been made. Corvus will drop demo traps, acid, toxins and tunnel drillers.


China Gatling defense is also improved visually!


- Contra is richer by one new dimension now, thanks to voice actors and amazing job they did for so many units: Matthew Vanston (1, 2), Trench Dog, Forrest McGilvray, Connor Miranda (1), Cari Scholtens, TryToEpic (1, 2), Kinsmarck (1), Greekas, Caroline Sawatzki, Maelstrom (1)

- Contra Launcher has been reworked to support a new VPN. Once again you have everything you need with one control panel:


- Now you can also support us and our work. Contra is larger than before, and includes many collaborators and skilled people who share and sacrifice their free time in order to expand and improve this mod. All the support will be a reward used for further projects!






At the end, once again we want to say thanks to all the good people who voted for Contra in the last MOTY.
It's always good to see that hard work is appreciated, and so it can be this year too.
Contra is already in second round and we are happy for this, but feel free to vote once again and help us score better!

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Fixes and announcements.
Posted July 24, 2010. By Creator.
1. Net fix is ready. It will grant more stable gameplay. Mismatches and disconnects will happen less frequently or will not happen at all. Download the file, unpack it and put it into Generals Zero Hour/Data/INI/

NOTE: All connected players must have this fix installed.

I thank the following users officially for the net code adjustments:

2. Ukrainian translation is ready.!
Download the file, unpack it and put the file into Generals Zero Hour folder.

I thank the following users officially for the translatrion of all 129 pages of the text:

3. Announcement. Contra team needs Chinese and Arabic voice actors. We plan to make all China units to speak Chinese and all GLA units to speak Arabic. Work is in progress already. China replics are completed by 60%. GLA replics - by about 5%. We need help. If you want to help, register at Revora ( ) and sent private message to Gundamwen. He is responsible for voices and he will explain you everything.
4. Announcement. Contra team needs translators. Currently, Contra is translated into 3 languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian. We would be glad to see Contra translated into other languages too. We know about problems with existing CSF editors and we wrote out own CSF converter which supports Chinese, Arabic, Jewish, Cyrilic and other characters. The only thing needed is to take the text and translate it. If you want to help with translation, register at Revora ( ) and sent private message to Creator.

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Posted January 14, 2008. By Creator.
At last. News after long delay. Woody have just finished China Hong-6 bomber skining. This plane will replace orininal China bomber used for special general's powers.

Posted Image

Posted Image


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Super Weapon General Tech tree
Posted December 1, 2007. By Creator.
Super Weapon General has the most of changes in Contra 006. Many of units (such as Comanche, MLRS and others) had been removed. Many buildings (such as Fire Base, Cyclone and some others) had been added. New tech tree looks like this:

Posted Image


Black arrow - building constructs or researches something.
Green arrow - building is requirement for something.
Blue arrow - unit has ability.
Red square - new thing.

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Posted November 24, 2007. By Creator.
We continue strategic aviation remaking. Next 3d model has been completed. It is B-52 bomber.

Model by: Creator
Skin by: Woody

Posted Image

Yet another render:


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Tuning for Infantry general vehicles.
Posted November 14, 2007. By Creator.
I've made small tuning for Infantry general Troop Crawler and wheeled tanks. Take a look. They are much better now.

From left to right: ECM tank, Troop Crawler, Dragon tank. New Dragon fires incendiary grenades at short ranges instead of flame stream.

Posted Image
Posted Image

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GLA Demolisher
Posted October 28, 2007. By Creator.
Just look at this GLA monster. This vehicle will replace Assault general battle dozer. It is made for the same purpose - early game rush unit for taking out enemy buildings.

Model by: Creator
Skin by: Woody

Posted Image



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China Construction Dozer
Posted October 19, 2007. By Creator.
Just new 3D model for usual China Dozer. The old one was too bad.

Model by: Creator
Skin by: Woody

Posted Image


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Posted October 6, 2007. By Creator.
As I told before, I planned to remodel all strategic aviation. This is the first model. New B-2.

Modelled and skinned by ХРОМ.

Posted Image



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